Scales of War

Alliance at Nefelus

No sooner had the threat of Telicanthus’ spy network been averted, another problem had come to light. The Island realm of Nefelus has failed to contact the Coalition of the New Dawn regarding membership and a number of Sendings have been unanswered.

Amyria calls for The Dawnriders and asks them to help make contact by joining her on board a ship and sailing to the Island. They hastily agree and soon boarded The Pride of Brindol, a fine vessel captained by Destrin Stormfront.

The voyage was uneventful however, when they approached the Island they found the usually warm and tropical sea had dropped several degrees and a ring of thick ice had formed around it. Capt. Stormfront aimed the specially designed prow at the ice to slice through it, and as they approached they saw a number of large hulking figures awaiting them. Drawing closer it became clear that the creatures were Frost Giants, wielding huge axes. Timing their attack well The Dawnriders leaped from the ship and engaged the giants to stop them from damaging their vessel. The ensuing battle was fast and deadly, however The Dawnriders destroyed the giants and The Pride of Brindol resumed its course to Nefelus.

Once through the Ice ring the temperature increased and the sea returned to normal. They soon docked at Nefelus and Amyria led them to the Thraxinium, the ruling council of Nefelus. There they were introduced to Bejam, a member of The Thraxinium, who informed them that they have recently been cut off from all outside communication by the strange ring of ice. The Deva believe that this has been created by an artefact known as the Seed of Winter, that was last known to be in the possession of a King of the Feywild. He asked them to go and investigate a large iceberg attached to the ring, which could be the cause of the problem and the possible location of the Seed of Winter. In order to reach the iceberg Bejam provided the heroes with two apparatus of Qualish.

The journey to the Ice ring was uneventful and the large iceberg was easy to find and after a short search The Dawnriders discovered a way in. The passages within the Ice structure were well crafted and before long they discovered a guard of sanghuin awaiting them at the entrance. The Dawnriders leaped from the apparatus and destroyed them with ease.

As the heroes explored the network of tunnels they discovered a host of minions defending the structure from attack, including a beholder, Elementals, Frost Giants, winter wolves and ice gargoyles. The Dawnriders battled their way through these creatures and discovered an immense chamber holding 10 mirrors, stolen from the Deva of Nefelus, focusing energy into the Seed of Winter. Guarding this chamber was a large two-headed white Dragon – Chillreaver, Exarch of Tiamat.

The Dawnriders launched into battle against the creature but were also attacked by the Seed of Winter which took control of their minds forcing them to attack each other. Seeing the need to rid them of the nuisance Valasaar dislodged the Seed from its pedestal and managed to beat Chillreaver back. With the Seed of Winter removed from the energy beams, the iceberg started to break up. Chillreaver escaped and The Dawnriders were force to flee. As they came to the entrance and their only means of escape the Dragon burst through the wall to attack them. Desperate to reach the safety of their apparatus of Qualish The Dawnriders charged the creature and finally destroyed it.

Leaving the sinking iceberg behind them the heroes returned to Nefelus with the Seed of Winter to negotiate with the Deva hoping to add them to the Coalition of the New Dawn…


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