Scales of War

Betrayal at Monadhan

Soon after the defeat of Emperor Zetch’r’r and the alliance between Vlakith and the people of the Elsir Vale The Dawnriders were summoned to the Coalition chambers in Sayre. Once there they discovered an Angel of Kord named Rachaela had requested to speak with them. She had information that confirmed their fears. The recent Githyanki invasion was no more than a distraction orchestrated by Tiamat although her true intentions were still unknown. Rachaela informed them that Tiamat’s Black Exarch; Mornujhar had swayed a very powerful ritualist known as Irfelujhar and had put him to work on a ritual of great power, the effects of which are unknown but would no doubt have serious repercussions.

Rachaela asks The Dawnriders if they will seek out Irfelujhar domain. It can only be reached through the demi plane of Monadhan, known as the domain of betrayal. The Lord of this realm is a Dragon named Arantor who had been tricked into attacking a village of innocent bystanders during the Arkhosia / Bael-Turath war. In an argument with his daughter who had accompanied him Arantor turned on her and killed her.

Rachaela gave Marcus the sigil sequence to Monadhan and The Dawnriders departed immediately. Once the portal was activated a mist rose from the circle and encompassed the group transporting them to a verdant jungle. They were atop a cliff and could see down into a valley and a settlement in the distance. The treck through the jungle was hard going and they encountered a Hydra in the undergrowth. No sooner had one head been removed another two grew from the bloody stump. With the beast finally slain The Dawnriders continued to the settlement they had seen.

The place was little more than a shanty town who’s inhabitants were there following an act of great betrayal. By speaking to some of the residents they discovered the name of a seer who was able to locate the key to escape the domain. They ventured through the streets in search of the seer;
She advised them that the only way to escape the domain is to dive through an abyss which serves as Arantor’s lair while holding the key. This key is the object in the domain that most represents betrayal at any one time. The current item is the sword of Kass that was used to cut off the hand and remove the eye of Veccna.

As The Dawnriders left the hut they were attacked by a trio of Vampires determined to stop them. The dominating powers and unnatural strength of their undead adversaries was no match for the new five strong party and they swiftly fell to the might of The Dawnriders. They continued on to the fort in the middle of the settlement finding it locked but unguarded. Dargoth kicked in the doors to discover a rag tag band dozing on the floor. It was immediately clear they they did not have the sword of Kass, but they did tell them that Vampires in the realm tend to haunt the graveyard. They left the fort and headed for the graveyard.

While searching through the ruins of the mausoleums a figure emerged from the shadows. He was clearly a Vampire and was dressed in elaborate armour. The stranger introduced himself as Kass, and offered them a bargain. He would help them find Arantor if they would return his sword. Valasaar was loath to make a pact with Kass, known as the betrayer, but needed his assistance. He stipulated that The Dawnriders would keep the sword until they were all safely through the portal. They Quintet set off for Arantor’s lair following Kass’ directions. They entered a dark, damp tunnel and encountered a Dark Naga, two Cambions and a Fell Troll. The battle was short lived and they group continued deeper into the Lair.

The tunnels yielded many dangerous foes. The passages were enchanted to betray intruders by confounding them. Many led back to chambers that shouldn’t be there, chambers that they had already visited. The Dawnriders discovered a room inhabited by Rakshasa guards. Marcus used a twist of space to lock one in one of the cells in the room and through interrogation they discovered the true path to Arantor.

The Lord of Monadhan, Arantor was residing in a huge natural cavern with the portal at the far end. A number of clouds of mist were floating around the cavern. From within these faces could be seen taunting Arantor as a reminder of his treachery. The Dragon himself was a shadow of his former self. His flesh was had long gone revealing a twisted skeleton with his daughter, Imrissa, imprisoned within his ribcage. The Dawnriders used the mists to weaken Arantor. The Dragon was a mightier opponent in death than he was in life but he finally fell to their blades and spells.

As the Dragon died his hoard appeared. Within was the sword of Kas. As they approached the portal, Kas appeared and requested the sword from them. With a smile The Dawnriders turned and walked through the portal leaving the great betrayer to rot in the domain…


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