Scales of War

Beyond the Mottled Tower

After the assault on Overlook, things became strangely quiet around the area. Although there was certainly a significant amount of rebuilding work to be done on the outer walls, it was not as bad as it certainly could have been due to the speed with which the threat of Zithiruun was taken down.

The loss of most of the less robust buildings in the Nine Bells wasn’t a major cause for concern, the people of the area either got back to rebuilding what little they had or moved on elsewhere. Most of the houses in that area were being used for nefarious purposes anyway, so the City Guard were happy to be rid of them, and those that weren’t took shelter in the temples which were far stronger built and weren’t affected by the fire.

The Dawnriders were universally recognised whilst walking the streets of Overlook, most newer adventurers or parties were now in awe of their presence. Other, more experienced groups (the freerunners particularly) grudgingly congratulated them on their successes and work in defending the city. The Heroes had no shortage of admirers, hangers-on and aspirants wanting advice, guidance and mentoring, nor of bards to sing their praises.

After some weeks The Dawnriders recieved word from Megan Swiftblade of the freerunners. She was in hiding because she had valuable information regarding the assault on Overlook. Megan asked the The Dawnriders to meet her at Talar, a village in the Elsir Vale. The group set off at first light and once in Talar found the Green Dragon Inn and awaited Megan’s arrival. Before long the ground began to tremble and the Inn began to collapse. The Dawnriders rescued the inhabitants before heading off to discover the source of the seismic activity. On the edge of the town stood a tall tower of mottled stone, it seemed to be sinking into the earth, and when they approached they saw a strange, dark liquid pouring from the hill below.

From this magma-like substance emerged a number of elemental creatures who began to attack villagers caught in this deadly flow. The Dawnriders sprung into action rescuing the villagers and putting down the invaders. Before pausing they made for the tower to try and put a stop to the flow before it engulfed the village of Talar. The Tower had sunk into the hill and was now only showing its top most crennelations. On the roof stood Megan, clutching her arm and supporting a robed human. He turned out to be Serten, apprentice to Falrinth the sage of the tower. Neither had any idea what had caused the erruption but Falrinth was trapped within. Megan told The Dawnriders that she knew who was behind the attack on OverlookSarshan.

The Dawnriders descended into the tower and found a number of creatures that Falrinth had captured to study had escaped. There was two mezzodemons, a foulspawn and 2 grimlocks. They put them down before moving down to the base of the Tower. There they found Falrinth and a hole in the floor leading below the Tower. Falrith advised them that the substance was called Blood Chaos and can be fatal if it comes into contact with flesh. They sent the Sage up to the surface and investigated the hole. Below they saw a number of Troglodytes led by Shadar-Kai. They were protecting a pipe that was spewing forth Blood Chaos. The Dawnriders got the jump on them and destroyed the group before closing the pipe off. They also discovered a portal on the floor left by the Shadar-kai witch, who had been in the process of casting a linked portal ritual.

Marcus completed the ritual and The Dawnriders stepped through the portal hoping to discover the source of this intrusion. On the other side they found a huge tree sitting in a lake of Blood Chaos. They just about had time to get their bearings before they heard the beating of wings and were attacked by a pair of Green Dragons. The battle with them was hard fought but The Dawnriders finally slaughtered the beasts. They then discovered a passage leading into the roots of the great tree. Inside they found great pools of Blood Chaos being pumped in and a number of portals ready to be activated. One of these seemed to lead to another plane and it was fairly easy for Marcus to complete. The Dawnriders stepped through and found themselves in an alien environment…

Valasaar, Corren, Marcus, Dargoth & Rahbn found themselves floating on a island of stone in a sea of elemental blood chaos, and to make it worse they were surrounded by the servants of Zithiruun. Not only did they have to jump from platform to platform in order to reach the relative safty of a much larger island, they also needed to defend themselves from Githyanki warriors. After a perilous combat the group made it to the larger island and discovered another tower. Upon opening the vast doors leading into the tower The Dawnriders were attacked by it’s defenders, while the strange mix of blood chaos and magma below them in the centre of the tower began to rise. It was not long before they stood over the corpses of their opponents and were able to escape through yet another portal at the far end of the chamber. This portal lead to a trap room, one of the many defences of this strange fortification. Thanks to Rahbn they managed to avoid the trap and reach the portal at the far end. This lead to the roof, and to Sarshan…

The Dawnrider’s nemesis had changed since they last met. His body oozed blood chaos from its pores and his face was a demonic visage. He was casting another portal spell while protected with a dome of force. All around them were Githyanki warriors and within the dome were Sarshan’s Shadar-kai witch bodyguards. The heroes but the warriors to the sword in a flurry of blades and spells, then turned their attention to the dome. They had moments before Sarshan’s spell was cast allowing him to escape. Valasaar, Dargoth and Corren battered at the protective shell with their weapons, shatteringing it and allowing them to attack Sarshan himself and he stopped his casting to spew blood chaos over his enemies, spitting curses at them all the while like a man possessed. By standing as the unit they had fought together as for so long they focused their attacks against Sarshan and ended his miserable life finally defeating the man who had treatened Overlook for so long.


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