Scales of War

Den of the Destroyer

The Dawnriders returned to Overlook and reported their findings to Bram Ironfell. Although the news regarding the Karak lode was grim Bram, the Elsir Consortium and the Elder Council were very pleased that a possible threat to the area had been neutralised.

The next week was spent recovering from their exploits on the desert. Bram holds true to his word and the council approve funds to be drawn from the city vaults to aid in the restoration of the Monastery. It would appear since they have been gone that several new building initiatives were already under way in Overlook. The outer wall was being shored up and heightened by another 5 feet and there was general work all round the walls strengthening the defences. It would appear the council were taking the recent conflicts much more seriously and making the appropriate preparations.

The group heard word from the usual crowd in the [[Pig & Bucket]] that there were a few people asking after Valasaar by name, they were directed to the Monastery but it would appear some of them were still around Overlook, taking advantage of the living conditions in the city.

Valasaar managed to meet up with a group of three of them that had been travelling as a party for some time already, Benn, a Half-Elf(cleric), Nadarr, the Dragonborn (paladin) and Wella the halfling (avenger). All were worshippers of Bahamut who had been travelling the vale righting minor wrongs and dispatching monsters and evil where they found it. They were concerned with the apparent increase in Evil activity in recent days and were seeking both a way to make a larger impact in what appears to be increasingly dark times, and also further training in how to better protect those they are responsible for.

When the party visited the monastery, they noticed a large shape like some kind of rock, positioned on the ground outside the front gates. As they appoached, the shape stood up to it’s full, Warforged height of 6’5", his glowing eyes lit up brighter and he said. ‘You are Valasaar, I have been waiting for you’. He introduced himself as Reverence, saying that he has pledged his life in service of the platinum dragon and defence of others and that he would be honoured if Valasaar would consider using his service in defence of the realm.

No sooner had they put the new recruits to work The Dawnriders heard of a young lad by the name of Thurann asking after them. Remembering the boy from the Rivenroar Crypt near Brindol they went to search for him in the Nine Bells district. After some investigation they found out that a group of lost ones had kidnapped him and were holding him in an old temple of Pelor. They went there with all haste and kicked the doors in to find the boy tied to a chair. As they approached to release him the lost ones attacked. They were trying to capture them in order to collect a bounty that had been placed on The Dawnriders. They were unsucessful.

Thurann had some important news from Sertanian in Brindol. He needed the heroes of Overlook urgently. They rode at Dawn.

When they reached Brindol they went straight to see to the museum to see Sertanian. He showed them into a back room and unveiled the platinum blade that they had recovered from the Rivenroar crypt. He advised them that the sword was possessed by a spirit calling herself Amyria, who was asking for them.

She told them of a fortress in the north that was built by Githzerai that is now being used by a tribe of Gnolls. Their leader is looking to steal a portion of their God, Yeenoghou’s power and would threaten this area of the vale. She also asked them to find a conduit to the elemental chaos and to complete a ritual to release her from the blade. The Dawnriders were cautious of her but had no reason to doubt her intentions.

Leaving at Dawn the group travelled North and soon found Fortress Graystone following Amyria‘s directions. The entrance was guarded by a small group of Gnolls and with Rahbn sneaking on the flank the The Dawnriders charged in. The battle would have been short lived if it were not for a strange elemental spirit that possessed the statues around the entrance.
Upon entering the fortress our heroes discovered not ony a small army of gnolls but a network of defences. They cleared it room by room, each gnoll was armed with wicked looking shadar-kai weaponry and were being trained by a shadar-kai weapon master. They finally reached the main chamber where Fangren was completing his ritual to steal a portion of Yeenaghou’s power. Although they were wounded, The Dawnriders had no choice but to press on and stop him. However as they wre preparing to enter Gilgathorn burst in and attacked in order to claim the bounty on their heads. He was the last bounty hunter to trouble them, he was sent away by Valasaar, fortunate to keep his life.
The time had come to confront Fangren. They entered the ritual room and confronted him while the portal to the elemental chaos was still open. At Fangren command a huge claw emurged from the portal to attack The Dawnriders. This may have been the hardest fight yet for the party but they just managed to defeat the fiendish Gnoll Lord and with a combined effort closed the portal.


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