Scales of War

Garaitha's Anvil

Upon their return to Sayre they discover that The Coalition have received reports that Githyanki patrols have been seen in a remote area of the Vale. They were asked to investigate with the assistance of the Freeriders and hopefully close a portal to this land. The journey was uneventful and when the group arrives they discover a possible underground fortification in the mountains with two possible entrances. The two parties split up and investigated one entrance each. They discovered a fortress defended by Githyanki troops. They also encountered a group of Githzerai faithful to Vlakith, the Chanhiiri, who had been the guardians but were imprisoned here. They informed The Dawnriders that Emperor Zetch’r’r has usurped power and had sent troops to take control of this fortress and the world portal within it that led to The Well of Worlds. The Well of Worlds was a Planar nexus that contained another powerful portal – the Sovereign gate which was different to any other. It was permanent and had the ability to transport to any other circle, anywhere. It was however protected by a ward that allowed only Githyanki to pass.

With the aid of the freed Githyanki they assaulted the next room where the portal was located. At the same moment the freerunners arrived and the Githyanki were heavily out numbered and were slain to a man. The gate was protected by a force shield and only the faithful of Chanhiir were able to deactivate it. They then disappeared through the portal leaving The Dawnriders to protect it.

A message was sent to the coalition asking for reinforcements to protect this place from further incursions. While they waited for the troops Marcus investigated the world portal and strange tattoos on the Formorian warriors allied to the Githyanki. The tattoos are used to allow passage for non-Githyanki through the sovereign gate and allow passage to protected areas. He felt sure that he could replicate them should they want to use the portal.

Amyria arrived with a number of heroes allied to the Coalition and Bejam with a number of Deva mages to help protect and understand the world gate. Once the protection was in place The Dawnriders used the world gate to enter the Well of Worlds in the hope of robbing the Githyanki of the Sovereign gate.

The Well of Worlds was a staging area for Githyanki troops. Fortunately for The Dawnriders there were only a handful of Githyanki warriors in defence along with a small group of Eldrich Giants. These defenders were slain by The Dawnriders and the Sovereign gate was secured. No more raids would be completed via that portal. Bejam and Amyria arrived with a large number of heroes from the Elsir Vale, Sayre and beyond. The time was ripe for a counterstrike. The true source of the Githyanki raids was a large Planar Galleon construction yard build inside an spherical mote floating in the Astral sea. At its centre was a huge portal that allowed the ships to travel to their targets.

Marcus Brandale and Bejam managed to configure the Well of Worlds in order to open a multitude of gates to Garaitha’s Anvil allowing the gathered heroes (known as Valasaar’s Hundred) to assault the place simultaneously. This would allow The Dawnriders to find and kill the Admiral of the Fleet; Kada’ne.

Valasaar assembled the heroes and delivered a rousing speech before they entered battle. The assault went according to plan although The Admiral escaped on his flagship and The Dawnriders had to chase him in a skiff. The smaller vessel managed to catch the flagship before it managed to escape and the Admiral was slain. The ships were burnt, the construction yard lay in smoking ruin, and the Githyanki forces defeated and scattered.


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