Scales of War

Grasp of the Mantled Citadel

On the other side of the portal was a dark twisted forest full of skeletal trees and black lifeless vegetation. Sat upon a rocky outcrop The Dawnriders could clearly see an oppressive citadel towering above the wasteland. The journey was dull and uneventful apart from meeting a corrupted Druid, the spirit of the twisted forest who asked them to take a branch of the tree and plant it in their home realm.

The Dawnriders entered the Citadel and encountered a host of defenders including a chain Golem, a vampire and a number of followers of Tiamat including The Black Exarch; Mornujhar. They finally reached the Ritualist; Ifulujhar only to discover that the ritual had already been completed and The Dawnriders were too late. They dispatched the Lich, but were unable to discover the whereabouts of his Phylactery. The Party returned to Sayre to see if their worst fears were true. Was Bahamut really dead?


destrin AngelofRuin

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