Scales of War

Haven of the Bitter Glass

The Elsir Vale and Overlook suffered only minor damage from the Githyanki offensive that swept across most of the continent, thanks mainly to the The Dawnriders defeating Sarshan before his plans came to fruition. Overlook began to get back to normal, it’s people resuming their normal routine & the rebuilding work progressing. However the peace was once again shattered some weeks later when a mysterious object was sighted in the sky. It was approaching the city at a fast pace and as it came closer it appeared to be a flying ship. The guard called for the defenders of Overlook, who came to investigate at once. They rode out with a number of guardsmen and witnessed the strange ship crash-land almost a mile from the walls. A Githzerai staggered from the damaged ship and asked to speak to The Dawnriders. Valasaar stepped forward and introduced himself. The Githzerai was called Tokkit. He had stolen this ship in the midst of a raid on his temple by Githyanki Pirates, in order to fly to Overlook and seek the help of the brave warriors known as The Dawnriders. Needing little excuse to engage with the foul Githyanki they agreed to board the vessel and fly back to the monastery to give what aid they could.

The airship launched back into the sky and headed back to Akma’ad; the Githzerai temple to the North. As they approached a dark, winged shape burst from the cloud. A dragon Knight had spotted them and swooped to intercept. The Dawnriders manned the psychic projection weapons on deck and fired on the approaching enemy, injuring it. It was on them in no time and they were forced to abandon their artillery fight it on deck. The beast, and rider were a worthy foe, but the both fell to the might of The Dawnriders. With the Temple in sight the group tended their wounds and began to assess the situation. The Temple was surrounded my hundreds of Githyanki warriors and their landed ships, one of which was preparing to launch, possibly to intercept their craft. Above the Temple was a large pile of rocks, easily recognisable as a defense mechanism. Tokkit turned the ship and aimed for it.

The vessel crash landed again, and The Dawnriders disembarked to find a small group of Githyanki had been detailed to protect it. They made short work of these defenders and triggered the mechanism killing scores of the sieging force. They Githyanki saw their losses and scattered back to their waiting ships leaving the temple, and the victorious Dawnriders behind.

The group were greeted by Odos, the last surviving Githzerai Elder who thanked them for their assistance. He told them that he and his people were departing but would visit Sayre first to see what resistance could be made against the evil Githyanki. They all traveled to the city with the rest of the surviving Githzerai. When they arrived they noted the Githzerai were met with animosity due to their similarities to the Githyanki. The Dawnriders were greeted at the gates by a rich looking carriage. Inside was an immaculately dressed Githyanki who introduced himself as Telicanthus, a resident Glass merchant who seemed to have done very well for himself. Intent on learning more about the famous adventuring group he invited them to a dinner he was throwing the following evening.

Once in the City they went to the area designated to the Githzerai refugees and met up with an old acquaintance; Amyria. She was in Sayre helping to negotiate a number of points between the parties who were allied against the Githyanki raiders. She then asked if they would speak at a council she was holding tomorrow to advise on the threat posed to the world as a whole. Amyria then advised them about a dream she had about a huge web connecting hundreds of people and a huge spider sitting in the centre plucking the cords. This puzzled the party so they then retired to their Inn, the Tankard of Ink for the evening to discuss it further.

In the morning The Dawnriders decided to visit the market in Sayre, but on the way they were ambushed by a group of thieves. They had no trouble defeating the wretched fools, and after questioning one they discovered a strange temple beneath Sayre inhabited by a fanatical priest who worshiped what appeared to be a facet of Tiamat. There the found a large pile of coins, which when touched transformed into a huge Dragon shaped golem that attacked them. After defeating this creature they then discovered a locked room filled with strange and twisted undead, who were soon put out of their misery. The walls of their ‘cell’ were covered in strange writings. some of which were deciphered by Marcus but appeared to be only the ramblings of a deranged mind. After closer inspection there seemed to be some kind of warning, a message about Amyria and her people and a reference to two brothers who make maps. Marcus suggested going to a shop called Deep Cartography which is owned by two dwarven brothers.

After some discussion they discovered that the site of Auglos’ tower is not where it is believed to be. It is in fact situated on or very close to Telicanthus’ mansion. After putting a number of clues together The Dawnriders deduced that Telicanthus could be using Auglos’ crystal device to send messages to his Githyanki masters. The spymaster must be stopped. That evening they attended the council meeting and attempted to aid the members to form an alliance. After some negotiation and debate the Coalition of the New Dawn was created with Lord Divian Torrance at it’s head with The Dawnriders as it’s strike force. The subject of Telicanthus was brought up and it was decided that he should be investigated and the starting point should be his part on the following evening.

The Dawnriders arrived at Telicanthus’ mansion that evening and spent some time mingling while Rahbn investigated the rest of the house. He discovered a secret door leading to a basement and the party decided to return later to investigate. Under the cover of darkness The Dawnriders broke into the mansion and descended into the basement to discover a group of Githyanki guarding a large crystal object that could only be the arcane communication device that could only be the heart of Telicanthus’ spy network. The Dawnriders made short work of the surprised Gith and destroyed the device before returning upstairs and capturing Telicanthus to hand over to the authorities.


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