Scales of War

Siege at Bordrin's Watch

Siege at Bordrin’s Watch

Answering the Call to Arms

The inhabitants of Brindol were overjoyed to hear that their town was now safe and the resurgence of the red hand had been stopped so threw a celebratory feast in honour of Valasaar, Corren, Baron and their new ally, Dargoth. During the feast Eoffram Troias suggested that the group should travel to Overlook as they had clearly proved their worth in Brindol. A call to arms had been issued because of recent attacks by Orcs in the West.
They decided to travel to Overlook and investigate. The next morning Corren, Dargoth and Valasaar woke to discover Baron missing. He left a note explaining that his path lay in another direction. Knowing that there was nothing they could do they bought horses and rode west.
Before they arrived they were ambushed by a group of Orcs. Although they were caught by suprise the trio fought well and left the corpses of 7 Orcs in their wake. They were worried by the presence of Orcs so far East of the mountains that had always served as a barrier with Bordrin’s watch as the gatehouse. Perhaps it had already fallen. They hurried on to Overlook.
Upon arriving at the huge walls of Overlook they were ushered to the ‘blister’, the area where all the adventurers were gathering. There they met Megan Swiftblade, leader of the Freerunners and Edgar Sommerfield, leader of the Farstriders in the Pig & Bucket alehouse. the Farstriders are a rather flamboyant and egotistical adventuring group, while the Freerunners are more down to earth.
While the trio were drinking and resting from their weary travels a familiar looking wizard made a spectacular entrance. He turned out to be none other than Marcus Brandale, Baron’s elder Brother, and was asking for news of his whereabouts. The group told Marcus of Baron’s heroism and the fact that he is safe, and off to find his destiny. This seemed to reassure him and he agreed to join the group now that he knew his Brother was safe.
The new larger group headed further into the City to find lodgings. The came to a reputable establishment known as Belden’s rest and were genially served by Rory & Ruth Teng. When they awake the quartet headed to Caer Overlook for the adventurer’s meeting. There were scores of adventurers there, including the Farstriders and the Freerunners. The meeting was called to order by Elder Cadrick and he identified three main attack routes that the Orc’s could take. The first was obviously Bordrin’s Watch, which will be defended by the majority of the adventurers. the second was the Vent’s – an ancient Dwarven maze of tunnels stretching below the mountains. The Farstriders were tasked with protecting that area by themselves. The third was the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. Located high in the Stonehome Mointains, the Monastery is ancient enough to have tunnel entrances in its basement. Elder Cadrick then asked for volunteers to travel to the Monastery to protect it and warn the priests there. Valasaar volunteered the services of himself and his friends for this mission.

The Monastery of the Sundered Chain

The group travelled across country to the river, then followed it to the mountains before heading up towards the monastery. When they finally arrived they found it had been attacked by Orcs. The savage beasts had slain the inhabitants, including Aurin Goomrin, Valasaar’s father. The heroes put dozens of Orcs and Orogs to the sword to avenge the deaths of the priests. Valasaar knelt beside the dying body of his Father, who with his dying breath blamed Valasaar for not being there to stop them. He then handed him his Holy symbol of Bahamut, which doubled to a key to open the secret passage used by the Orcs. Without pause Valasaar led his companions into the depth.
Their first challenge was a deep stairwell guarded by a dozen Orc’s. One false step would mean certain death as the fall would be fatal. Without pause the heroes launched into combat, dispatching the enemy in their path. The stair led to a very large cavern illuminated by a huge fire. Here they fought their hardest fight yet. A huge Orog in plate armour, weilding a bastard sword lay waste to the group, felling Corren and seriously wounding the others. After finally landing the killing blow, the group found a dying Dwarf, who told them that he had blocked the passage to the Orc lands but the vents were not yet secure. The heroes had to ensure that the Farstrider’s had completed their mission.

The Nexus

Led by Kalad, the Heroes travelled overland to the Vents to aid the Farstriders in their quest, to ensure that the Orc’s could not use them to enter the land surrounding Overlook. When they arrived at the Vents they discovered a recently used camp-site but no sign of the Farstriders. The group descended into the vents, hot on the trail, but ended up lost in the tunnels. They eventually came across a group of Orcs and a Troll, who they ambushed, and dispatched, after taking some heavy wounds. Before them was a long room with double doors at the end. Dargoth ventured in first, only to discover the room was trapped with an ancient Dwarven defence mechanism. Crossbows and guardian automotons appeared from nowhere and attacked. Dargoth retreated to Kalad’s position, where he had found a control area. Unfortunately Dargoth did the only thing he can do well, and hit it with his sacificial hammer. The mechanism exploded, but it didn’t deactvate the defences. It took the group some time to destroy the devices, and they were in need of rest before continuing.
When they opened the large double doors they encountered another group of Orcs, fire beetles and a strange cloaked figure who attcked from the shadows. Valasaar ended the skirmish by incinerating the cloaked figure with his daunting light prayer. The creature’s body was gone, but in the smouldering cloak was a small key-like device. Marcus identified it as a magical artefact for opening a portal.

Tusk and Myrissa

Along the endge of two walls were very large hot pipes with valves, leading into the next room. Moving swiftly onwards in hope of finding the nexus that operates the ancient Dwarven defence mechanism the group found themselves in a huge room with a spiralling walkway ascending around the edge. In the centre was a great column with the two large iron pipes leading into it. As they began the climb hordes of Orcs charged from tunnels in the walls. They were led by Tusk, a hulking half-ogre warlord and Myrissa, a Shadar-Kai warlock.
The Heroes were stuck on the walk-way, unable to move, surrounded by their bitter enemies, there seemed to be no stopping them. As Tusk charged in, Dargoth and Valasaar shared a knowing glance and stepped in to fight the giant. The ensuing battle was desparate and bloody. Tusk was finally slain by a crushing blow from Dargoth and fell from the walkway to his doom. He then fought a valiant rear-guard to allow the others to reach the top of the room where Myrissa waited. Marcus hit her with a barrage of Arcane energy and she fell dead on the operating switch. Gurgling, steaming water began to rush into the room from ground level and began to engulf the swarms of Orcs. Dargoth only just managed to reach the exit hatch in time.
The nexus had been activated and the Vents were safe from further incurrsions. The companions journeyed back to Overlook to report their success and the demise of the Farstriders.


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