Scales of War

The Shadowrift of Umbraforge

Investigations in Overlook
Upon their return to Overlook they learned that the Orcs had been stopped at Bordrin’s watch and the land was once again safe. The Freerunners and the other adventurers had aided the guards in holding back the hoard, and the Orcs retreated in disarray without any kind of cohesion or leadership.

The City was in their debt and the elders arranged a celebration in their honour, following which they spent many days in the City recovering from their ordeal. One evening as they wandered through the city they were ambushed by a group of thugs in a dimly lit back ally. These rogues were easily dealt with, although they were led by a Wizard of some power. Corren tried to find some way of identifying them and found a note on the Wizard ordering them to attack the party in order to retrieve the strange key they picked up from a “dark one” in the vents. The note was signed by Modra.

The Happy Beggar
After some investigation and interrogation of a prisoner in the custody of Kalad they learned that Modra was looking for people with a knowledge of the Stonehome mountains and tracked him down to an alms house called the Happy Beggar. He had been seen there but the owners were completely unaware. Upon further investigation they found a secret passage in the cellar. Much to the dismay of the landlord, Valasaar started shifting loose stone in the disused pantry and fell headfirst down a shaft. When he came to his senses he could dimly see a large natural cavern ahead, and was ambushed by viscious shadowhunter bats. These creatures were difficult to kill as they remained out of sword range, harrying the adventurers from the relative safety of the stalactites in the ceiling.

The party continued into another room to find a strange arch in the centre of the room, three dark ones, two shadow hounds in a cage and a witch. Dargoth charged the witch before she could cast her foul sorceries and smashed into her with his Warhammer, the others sprung into action and in a flurry of flame and steel the only survivor was the Witch, who escaped through a set of double doors. Valasaar secured the doors so that they could investigate the arch. When Corren touched it a portal appeared to a warehouse in overlook above full of weapons, enough to equip an army.

The time had ome to deal with the Witch. They opened the doors to find another arch in the centre of this room also. The Witch opened this portal and released six Wraiths into the room that moved to attack the heroes. At that moment from a crack in the floor in the corner of the room a dark one shouted to the group “throw me the key and I can call them off”. Not trusting this new stranger they refused to comply with his demands. He then ran at the Witch, stole her key and disapeered through the portal.

The fight that ensued was the most bitter the party had encountered. The Wraiths seemed to be almost immune to their weapons and seemed to regenerate. After killing the Witch and only two Wraiths, the party escaped through the first portal back to Overlook

==The ShadowfellUmbraforge==

The party, after resting, once more ventured beneath the happy beggar to further investigate the incursion beneath overlook. Expecting to find wraiths haunting the storerooms they found nothing but the slain corpses of their enemies. Wasting no time the used their key to activate the main gate and stepped through.

On the other side they found a mirror image of the room they had just left, with another portal leading to what seemed to be a dark wood. This portal was surrounded by a field of force, preventing any of them from stepping through it. Upon leaving the room the group found themselves in a strange land, the Shadowfell. The sky was a dark boiling mass of cloud and the plantlife was grey and dark shadows clung to everything. In the distance was a large volcano spewing lava, a tower, and a dark fortified structure. Surrounding these two building was what they were soon to discover to be a mercenary camp.

In order to discover what threat this posed to overlook and untimately their world the company decided to investigate and, as always, trouble was close to hand. They learned that the tower and the squat building, known as the forge, belonged to a powerful Lord named Sarshan. They also discovered that Modra used to be in his employ but has fallen from favour because he was working beyond Sarshan’s orders. While they were gaining this information, a tribe of Ogres started a fight with them in order to prove their strength.

The experienced adventurers fought with skill and savagery that shocked the growing audience, and before long a pile of dead Ogres lay at their feet. The group finally discovered that Modra was planning to break into the Forge and destroy it. This was their opportunity to get inside and investigate this strange place. During that day spontaneous erruptions from the volcano violently shook the area, and seemed to be getting worse.
That night they watched the Forge and crept in after Modra. Once he saw the group he released a strange, mutated creature upon them from one of the large holding pens. It was a huge and mighty two-headed boar! This beast was hard to put down and they had to fight Modra and his minions at the same time. When they had finally finished them off it was clear that Modra had damaged the complex system of pipes and there were noises issuing from the front doors. They quickly found a secret passage to the tower and escaped.

On the other side of the passage they found a corridor leading to a library. Within were three shadar-kai warriors, guarding the secret entrance. One was armed with a great-sword, the others were armed with punching daggers. The lead warrior activated a switch in the wall which in turn activated a shadow dart trap. The quartet had to destroy these warriors as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid detection. After a brief but violent fight the shadar-kai lay dead, although one nearly escaped to raise the alarm.

The party moved to the base of one of the towers and ascended a staircase. At the top they found a civilian researcher working on some arcane formulae. Unfortunately he knew very little of Sarshan’s overall plan. They moved into the central courtyard and were suprised to find a small garden and another portal on the far wall. Recalling the blocked portal they found when they first arrived in the Shadowfell, they believed this one to lead back there. As they moved towards it they were ambushed by shadow scarab swarms and a large shadow beetle. The swarms were a terrible foe as there were thousands of the beasts, and to add to this threat a wraith and a chain wielding Shadar-kai warrior emerged from a hole in the floor using some kind of levitation device. Moments after these enemies had been defeated a hoard of warriors including a scarred lieutenant, named Thannu, and his pet shadow panthers, arrived. The four companions were outnumbered, however it was about to get worse…

Sarshan himself emerged from the portal and stood before the party. He expressed his unhappiness at the deaths of so many of his employees and servants. Thinking on his feet and possibly with some divine intervention Valasaar bluffed that they had been hunting Modra and came to warn Sarshan of the plot to kill him. Sarshan was not entirely convinced, but due to their obvious martial prowess he offered them work as mercenaries, informing them in the process that their world will shortly be no place to live. Just at that moment the elemental rift errupted violently and Sarshan was forced to cut the meeting short, and without confirming Valasaar’s story ordered his lieutenant to kill them, instead of wasting precious time and effort keeping an eye on them.

Thannu and his vicious pets leapt into battle. He bound Dargoth’s feet to the floor rendering his mighty hammer useless, leaving only the other three heroes to worry about. The fight was very hard fought and the group were battle weary, however they finally managed to defeat Thannu, and escaped from the tower. Marcus Brandale and Corren were able to recalibrate the portal that led back to the gateway to their own plane of existence. They fled through the portal and back to Overlook before the chaos caused by the erupting shadowrift could cause them further harm.


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