Scales of War

The Temple Between

Upon their return to Overlook it was soon clear that things were not quite right. The blades of Bahamut found Valasaar in the pig & bucket to advise him that Rufus was not really himself. They had also received word that a priestess at the temple of Erathis was asking after them regarding an important matter. As the temples were both in the nine bells district they decided to pay Rufus a visit on their way to the temple of Erathis. Rufus didn’t seem to recognise Valasaar or his friends and seemed to be inventing his own rituals. Valasaar was concerned but could not discover what was wrong. They decided to move on to the temple of Erathis. The priestess there, Lavinia, expressed her concerns regarding a number of people in the city, especially a friend of hers, Hailin, who served as priestess at the shrine of Erathis. She went to see her one day only to be told that she had gone on a spiritual journey and would not return for some time. Lavinia advised them that this was odd behaviour. She also expreessed a dislike for Hailin’s replacement, Grovald.
The Dawnriders left to speak with Grovald. As they were leaving the Nine Bells they noticed that a great deal of work was being done on the temple of Moradin. This seemed to be unusual as most worshipped him at the stone anvil in the stonehammer district.

Grovald was a dour and surly man who would answer none of the party’s questions and confirmed Lavinia’s story regarding Hailin. Seeing they were getting nowhere and attracting the attention of the guard they decided to come back at night.
When they returned they were greeted by an ambush. Their assailants were composed of dopplegangers, human lackeys and grovald himself weilding arcane powers. After defeating them and capturing grovald the group were unable to get any further information from him. They knew something was wrong with the worshippers of moradin so they went to pay a visit to Durkik at the Stone anvil. Even though Valasaar had been there only a week before Durkik practically threw them out. Feeling that something was wrong Rahbn kept an eye in him while the rest of the party retired to the inn. Durkik left the Stone Anvil and walked to the warehouse district where he entered a deadend alley and came out looking very different. Rahbn then followed him to a warehouse in a more industrial district of the City. He called upon the rest of The Dawnriders and they all attacked the warehouse under cover of darkness. Inside they found Rufus, who upon seeing them turned and jumped through a window, floating to the floor. The place was full of human lackeys and more dopplegangers. They all fell and it was apparent to Valasaar that Rufus’ body showed some signs of decay and a strange spectral form left his body when he was slain. It seemed he was possessed. A thorough search of the warehouse uncovered a trap-door leading to a cell. Within was a severely battered Dwarf, it was Durkik. Rahbn disarmed the traps and opened the door. Durkik told them that a man named General Zithiruun had tortured him to find an entrance to the Mountainroot Temple, an ancient and unstable structure built before the time of chains to the glory of Maradin. In order for his worshippers to visit the temple a number of portals were created within the temple and one was in the STone Anvil in Overlook.

Durkik took The Dawnriders to the entrance in case Zithiruun had found a way in. Once inside the Temple they discovered a host of Fey creatures who were fighting for control of the Temple against the forces of The General. The Dawnriders had to fight through these creatures until they came to the large central chamber. Here their fight against the Fey was interrupted by a patrol of Trolls and they had to fight both factions. Although this battle took a great deal out of The Dawnriders they were victorious and moved into another large room with a fixed glass floor covering smaller rooms beneath. Here they fought the Eidolon defender of the Temple and many of General Zithiruun’s soldiers, including some Dragonborn and more Trolls. Once these minions were defeated they discovered the Temple’s defender, an Azer, tied to his bedframe in an ajointing room. He had clearly been tortured but his wounds were healed by Valasaar. He told his rescuers that General Zithiruun was planning to use the Temple to transport an army into Overlook prior to an overland attack to weaken the City from within. The guardian then travelled to Bordrin’s watch to warn them of the invasion and to come to the aid of Overlook, while The Dawnriders returned to the City to defend the walls and warn the Council of Elders.

Once back in the City it wasn’t long before General Zithiruun’s army was sighted and the horns sounded the call to arms. The Dawnriders stayed at Caer Overlook in order to get to any serious breaches. After two skirmishes with Trolls other invaders, Zithiruun himself decended upon the City riding a decaying zombie Dragon. Zithiruun was once a Githyanki, however he had been altered by dark powers. The ensuing battle was fierce but the General finally succumbed to the might of The Dawnriders. Once he had fallen the morale of his army fell apart and they fell back under fire from the Dwarven defenders. The battle ended as quickly as it started and although the walls were damaged the only area to suffer greatly was the Nine Bells.

Once again The Dawnriders had saved Overlook.


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