Scales of War

Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

Upon their return to Sayre The Dawnriders and Amyria discovered that a lot had transpired in their absence. Mainly Lord Davian Torrence was missing and believed to possibly be in league with the enemy. This left the Coalition leaderless and a new leader had to be named. This was the cause of some friction between the members and could lead to a possible weakness if left unchecked. It was down to The Dawnriders to ensure a new leader was placed smoothly at the head of the council and with minimum resentment. They chose Calliandra of the Stagrunners to take control of the council because of her decisive nature and the fact that she puts the people first.

Once the leadership issue had been resolved The Dawnriders have a new quest. Calliandra tells them that a Formorian known as Cachlain, The Stone-Skinned King, has been using his domain in the Feywild as a rally point for Githyanki and is using a series of portals to ferry them to their destinations. He must be stopped or persuaded to stop working with the Githyanki. It is believed that the Seed of Winter once belonged to him and could be used as a bargaining tool.

In order to reach his realm in the Feywild The Dawnriders needed to travel to a portal in the ruined city of Rhest, capital of the ancient empire of Rhestilor. At first light they rode out across the Elsir vale to the ruins. There they discovered a group of cyclopses who were capturing slaves in the area and were using a portal from the Feywild to enter the vale. These beasts were quickly dispatched by the heroes and the portal was secured. Once through they found themselves within a stone circle in the feywild and were set upon by a group of Firbolg hunters looking to match their martial prowess with any they encounter. The ensuing battle ended with the Firbolgs submitting to the might of The Dawnriders and advise them that a group of Eladrin are interested in meeting with them. The Firbolgs lead them to the Eladrin settlement where they met Inzira, leader of the Winter Eladrin. She informed them that the greater risk came from another Formorian names Sangwyr. He was in danger of becoming too powerful and encroaching on the territory of the Eladrin and Cachlain.

The Dawnriders now had allies in their quest and the Winter Eladrin told them how to get to Cachlain’s stronghold. The journey there is uneventful and the guards were compliant in escorting them to the Stone-skinned King. The trone room was dominated by a crystal floor over looking a gladiatorial pit. At the far side of the chamber was a huge crystal throne and upon it sat Cachlain, the stone-skinned King. His purple skin was covered in strange stone plates etched with arcane symbols and his hideous eyes regarded the intuders with suspicion. The King glanced down to continue watching the endless fighting below as a human stood from his seat beside him. He was bald and unassuming and introduced himself as Sovacles, advisor to the King.

The Dawnriders petitioned the King to join with Inzira and the Winter Eladrin against Sangwyr offering the Seed of Winter as a bargaining tool. Cachlain seemed to be more interested in the combat taking place below, while Sovacles treated them with indifference. After the initial meeting they were escorted to rooms and allowed to roam the domain. Once rested the group gathered at the area to witness a bout, midway through the combat a strange sound preceeded a Drow assault party breaking through the arena wall. The invaders must have been sent by Sangwyr to assault Cachlain. The Dawnriders saw an opportunity to catch the attention of the King by destroying the invaders in his beloved arena. They destroyed the Drow and returned to the throne room to a more recepting monarch. Seeing the unnatural influence that Sovacles held over Cachlain they turned the advisor against him. Enraged at the interference in his plans Sovacles attacked The Dawnriders. The stone-skinned King was unhappy with the fight starting in his throne room and smashed the crystal floor dropping the heroes and Sovacles into the Gladiator pit below. Once he hit the floor the human changed into a poisonous cloud of vapour and was in fact an exarch of Tiamat – Virizan. The foul exarch was defeated by the might of The Dawnriders and his influence over the King was ended. Cachlain commended the heroes on their martial prowess and thanked them for their assistance. He agreed to end his association with the Githyanki and to join forces with the Winter Eladrin against Sangwyr.

With their quest completed, and with the knowledge that Tiamat was behind the Githyanki invasion The Dawnriders returned to Sayre.


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