Inogo Dravitch


A priest of Erathis, Inogo hails from the distant city of Sherrbyr. This city lies far to the northeast, beyond Elsir Vale by at least three weeks’ travel. Inogo is the current leader of this city of temples. A theocratic city state, Sherrbyr also boasts a massive college of divinity, where worshipers of nearly any deity can openly practice their faith.

As a result of its varied populace, the city’s leadership is formed of a council of priests of the most worshiped deities in the city. The council changes as the population changes. Some deities fall out of favor while others rise. But Erathis’s worshipers have been a power in the city for years, and inogo is the most recent in a long series of Erathis-worshiping council leaders known as Deacons.

Sherrbyr is a city accustomed to nearly endless debate, thanks to efforts to accommodate every faith represented on the ruling council. As someone long schooled in this approach to government, Deacon Dravitch is well out of his league in a group that needs to make decisions quickly and decisively.

Inogo Dravitch

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