Scales of War

Alliance at Nefelus

No sooner had the threat of Telicanthus’ spy network been averted, another problem had come to light. The Island realm of Nefelus has failed to contact the Coalition of the New Dawn regarding membership and a number of Sendings have been unanswered.

Amyria calls for The Dawnriders and asks them to help make contact by joining her on board a ship and sailing to the Island. They hastily agree and soon boarded The Pride of Brindol, a fine vessel captained by Destrin Stormfront.

The voyage was uneventful however, when they approached the Island they found the usually warm and tropical sea had dropped several degrees and a ring of thick ice had formed around it. Capt. Stormfront aimed the specially designed prow at the ice to slice through it, and as they approached they saw a number of large hulking figures awaiting them. Drawing closer it became clear that the creatures were Frost Giants, wielding huge axes. Timing their attack well The Dawnriders leaped from the ship and engaged the giants to stop them from damaging their vessel. The ensuing battle was fast and deadly, however The Dawnriders destroyed the giants and The Pride of Brindol resumed its course to Nefelus.

Once through the Ice ring the temperature increased and the sea returned to normal. They soon docked at Nefelus and Amyria led them to the Thraxinium, the ruling council of Nefelus. There they were introduced to Bejam, a member of The Thraxinium, who informed them that they have recently been cut off from all outside communication by the strange ring of ice. The Deva believe that this has been created by an artefact known as the Seed of Winter, that was last known to be in the possession of a King of the Feywild. He asked them to go and investigate a large iceberg attached to the ring, which could be the cause of the problem and the possible location of the Seed of Winter. In order to reach the iceberg Bejam provided the heroes with two apparatus of Qualish.

The journey to the Ice ring was uneventful and the large iceberg was easy to find and after a short search The Dawnriders discovered a way in. The passages within the Ice structure were well crafted and before long they discovered a guard of sanghuin awaiting them at the entrance. The Dawnriders leaped from the apparatus and destroyed them with ease.

As the heroes explored the network of tunnels they discovered a host of minions defending the structure from attack, including a beholder, Elementals, Frost Giants, winter wolves and ice gargoyles. The Dawnriders battled their way through these creatures and discovered an immense chamber holding 10 mirrors, stolen from the Deva of Nefelus, focusing energy into the Seed of Winter. Guarding this chamber was a large two-headed white Dragon – Chillreaver, Exarch of Tiamat.

The Dawnriders launched into battle against the creature but were also attacked by the Seed of Winter which took control of their minds forcing them to attack each other. Seeing the need to rid them of the nuisance Valasaar dislodged the Seed from its pedestal and managed to beat Chillreaver back. With the Seed of Winter removed from the energy beams, the iceberg started to break up. Chillreaver escaped and The Dawnriders were force to flee. As they came to the entrance and their only means of escape the Dragon burst through the wall to attack them. Desperate to reach the safety of their apparatus of Qualish The Dawnriders charged the creature and finally destroyed it.

Leaving the sinking iceberg behind them the heroes returned to Nefelus with the Seed of Winter to negotiate with the Deva hoping to add them to the Coalition of the New Dawn…

Haven of the Bitter Glass

The Elsir Vale and Overlook suffered only minor damage from the Githyanki offensive that swept across most of the continent, thanks mainly to the The Dawnriders defeating Sarshan before his plans came to fruition. Overlook began to get back to normal, it’s people resuming their normal routine & the rebuilding work progressing. However the peace was once again shattered some weeks later when a mysterious object was sighted in the sky. It was approaching the city at a fast pace and as it came closer it appeared to be a flying ship. The guard called for the defenders of Overlook, who came to investigate at once. They rode out with a number of guardsmen and witnessed the strange ship crash-land almost a mile from the walls. A Githzerai staggered from the damaged ship and asked to speak to The Dawnriders. Valasaar stepped forward and introduced himself. The Githzerai was called Tokkit. He had stolen this ship in the midst of a raid on his temple by Githyanki Pirates, in order to fly to Overlook and seek the help of the brave warriors known as The Dawnriders. Needing little excuse to engage with the foul Githyanki they agreed to board the vessel and fly back to the monastery to give what aid they could.

The airship launched back into the sky and headed back to Akma’ad; the Githzerai temple to the North. As they approached a dark, winged shape burst from the cloud. A dragon Knight had spotted them and swooped to intercept. The Dawnriders manned the psychic projection weapons on deck and fired on the approaching enemy, injuring it. It was on them in no time and they were forced to abandon their artillery fight it on deck. The beast, and rider were a worthy foe, but the both fell to the might of The Dawnriders. With the Temple in sight the group tended their wounds and began to assess the situation. The Temple was surrounded my hundreds of Githyanki warriors and their landed ships, one of which was preparing to launch, possibly to intercept their craft. Above the Temple was a large pile of rocks, easily recognisable as a defense mechanism. Tokkit turned the ship and aimed for it.

The vessel crash landed again, and The Dawnriders disembarked to find a small group of Githyanki had been detailed to protect it. They made short work of these defenders and triggered the mechanism killing scores of the sieging force. They Githyanki saw their losses and scattered back to their waiting ships leaving the temple, and the victorious Dawnriders behind.

The group were greeted by Odos, the last surviving Githzerai Elder who thanked them for their assistance. He told them that he and his people were departing but would visit Sayre first to see what resistance could be made against the evil Githyanki. They all traveled to the city with the rest of the surviving Githzerai. When they arrived they noted the Githzerai were met with animosity due to their similarities to the Githyanki. The Dawnriders were greeted at the gates by a rich looking carriage. Inside was an immaculately dressed Githyanki who introduced himself as Telicanthus, a resident Glass merchant who seemed to have done very well for himself. Intent on learning more about the famous adventuring group he invited them to a dinner he was throwing the following evening.

Once in the City they went to the area designated to the Githzerai refugees and met up with an old acquaintance; Amyria. She was in Sayre helping to negotiate a number of points between the parties who were allied against the Githyanki raiders. She then asked if they would speak at a council she was holding tomorrow to advise on the threat posed to the world as a whole. Amyria then advised them about a dream she had about a huge web connecting hundreds of people and a huge spider sitting in the centre plucking the cords. This puzzled the party so they then retired to their Inn, the Tankard of Ink for the evening to discuss it further.

In the morning The Dawnriders decided to visit the market in Sayre, but on the way they were ambushed by a group of thieves. They had no trouble defeating the wretched fools, and after questioning one they discovered a strange temple beneath Sayre inhabited by a fanatical priest who worshiped what appeared to be a facet of Tiamat. There the found a large pile of coins, which when touched transformed into a huge Dragon shaped golem that attacked them. After defeating this creature they then discovered a locked room filled with strange and twisted undead, who were soon put out of their misery. The walls of their ‘cell’ were covered in strange writings. some of which were deciphered by Marcus but appeared to be only the ramblings of a deranged mind. After closer inspection there seemed to be some kind of warning, a message about Amyria and her people and a reference to two brothers who make maps. Marcus suggested going to a shop called Deep Cartography which is owned by two dwarven brothers.

After some discussion they discovered that the site of Auglos’ tower is not where it is believed to be. It is in fact situated on or very close to Telicanthus’ mansion. After putting a number of clues together The Dawnriders deduced that Telicanthus could be using Auglos’ crystal device to send messages to his Githyanki masters. The spymaster must be stopped. That evening they attended the council meeting and attempted to aid the members to form an alliance. After some negotiation and debate the Coalition of the New Dawn was created with Lord Divian Torrance at it’s head with The Dawnriders as it’s strike force. The subject of Telicanthus was brought up and it was decided that he should be investigated and the starting point should be his part on the following evening.

The Dawnriders arrived at Telicanthus’ mansion that evening and spent some time mingling while Rahbn investigated the rest of the house. He discovered a secret door leading to a basement and the party decided to return later to investigate. Under the cover of darkness The Dawnriders broke into the mansion and descended into the basement to discover a group of Githyanki guarding a large crystal object that could only be the arcane communication device that could only be the heart of Telicanthus’ spy network. The Dawnriders made short work of the surprised Gith and destroyed the device before returning upstairs and capturing Telicanthus to hand over to the authorities.

Beyond the Mottled Tower

After the assault on Overlook, things became strangely quiet around the area. Although there was certainly a significant amount of rebuilding work to be done on the outer walls, it was not as bad as it certainly could have been due to the speed with which the threat of Zithiruun was taken down.

The loss of most of the less robust buildings in the Nine Bells wasn’t a major cause for concern, the people of the area either got back to rebuilding what little they had or moved on elsewhere. Most of the houses in that area were being used for nefarious purposes anyway, so the City Guard were happy to be rid of them, and those that weren’t took shelter in the temples which were far stronger built and weren’t affected by the fire.

The Dawnriders were universally recognised whilst walking the streets of Overlook, most newer adventurers or parties were now in awe of their presence. Other, more experienced groups (the freerunners particularly) grudgingly congratulated them on their successes and work in defending the city. The Heroes had no shortage of admirers, hangers-on and aspirants wanting advice, guidance and mentoring, nor of bards to sing their praises.

After some weeks The Dawnriders recieved word from Megan Swiftblade of the freerunners. She was in hiding because she had valuable information regarding the assault on Overlook. Megan asked the The Dawnriders to meet her at Talar, a village in the Elsir Vale. The group set off at first light and once in Talar found the Green Dragon Inn and awaited Megan’s arrival. Before long the ground began to tremble and the Inn began to collapse. The Dawnriders rescued the inhabitants before heading off to discover the source of the seismic activity. On the edge of the town stood a tall tower of mottled stone, it seemed to be sinking into the earth, and when they approached they saw a strange, dark liquid pouring from the hill below.

From this magma-like substance emerged a number of elemental creatures who began to attack villagers caught in this deadly flow. The Dawnriders sprung into action rescuing the villagers and putting down the invaders. Before pausing they made for the tower to try and put a stop to the flow before it engulfed the village of Talar. The Tower had sunk into the hill and was now only showing its top most crennelations. On the roof stood Megan, clutching her arm and supporting a robed human. He turned out to be Serten, apprentice to Falrinth the sage of the tower. Neither had any idea what had caused the erruption but Falrinth was trapped within. Megan told The Dawnriders that she knew who was behind the attack on OverlookSarshan.

The Dawnriders descended into the tower and found a number of creatures that Falrinth had captured to study had escaped. There was two mezzodemons, a foulspawn and 2 grimlocks. They put them down before moving down to the base of the Tower. There they found Falrinth and a hole in the floor leading below the Tower. Falrith advised them that the substance was called Blood Chaos and can be fatal if it comes into contact with flesh. They sent the Sage up to the surface and investigated the hole. Below they saw a number of Troglodytes led by Shadar-Kai. They were protecting a pipe that was spewing forth Blood Chaos. The Dawnriders got the jump on them and destroyed the group before closing the pipe off. They also discovered a portal on the floor left by the Shadar-kai witch, who had been in the process of casting a linked portal ritual.

Marcus completed the ritual and The Dawnriders stepped through the portal hoping to discover the source of this intrusion. On the other side they found a huge tree sitting in a lake of Blood Chaos. They just about had time to get their bearings before they heard the beating of wings and were attacked by a pair of Green Dragons. The battle with them was hard fought but The Dawnriders finally slaughtered the beasts. They then discovered a passage leading into the roots of the great tree. Inside they found great pools of Blood Chaos being pumped in and a number of portals ready to be activated. One of these seemed to lead to another plane and it was fairly easy for Marcus to complete. The Dawnriders stepped through and found themselves in an alien environment…

Valasaar, Corren, Marcus, Dargoth & Rahbn found themselves floating on a island of stone in a sea of elemental blood chaos, and to make it worse they were surrounded by the servants of Zithiruun. Not only did they have to jump from platform to platform in order to reach the relative safty of a much larger island, they also needed to defend themselves from Githyanki warriors. After a perilous combat the group made it to the larger island and discovered another tower. Upon opening the vast doors leading into the tower The Dawnriders were attacked by it’s defenders, while the strange mix of blood chaos and magma below them in the centre of the tower began to rise. It was not long before they stood over the corpses of their opponents and were able to escape through yet another portal at the far end of the chamber. This portal lead to a trap room, one of the many defences of this strange fortification. Thanks to Rahbn they managed to avoid the trap and reach the portal at the far end. This lead to the roof, and to Sarshan…

The Dawnrider’s nemesis had changed since they last met. His body oozed blood chaos from its pores and his face was a demonic visage. He was casting another portal spell while protected with a dome of force. All around them were Githyanki warriors and within the dome were Sarshan’s Shadar-kai witch bodyguards. The heroes but the warriors to the sword in a flurry of blades and spells, then turned their attention to the dome. They had moments before Sarshan’s spell was cast allowing him to escape. Valasaar, Dargoth and Corren battered at the protective shell with their weapons, shatteringing it and allowing them to attack Sarshan himself and he stopped his casting to spew blood chaos over his enemies, spitting curses at them all the while like a man possessed. By standing as the unit they had fought together as for so long they focused their attacks against Sarshan and ended his miserable life finally defeating the man who had treatened Overlook for so long.

The Temple Between

Upon their return to Overlook it was soon clear that things were not quite right. The blades of Bahamut found Valasaar in the pig & bucket to advise him that Rufus was not really himself. They had also received word that a priestess at the temple of Erathis was asking after them regarding an important matter. As the temples were both in the nine bells district they decided to pay Rufus a visit on their way to the temple of Erathis. Rufus didn’t seem to recognise Valasaar or his friends and seemed to be inventing his own rituals. Valasaar was concerned but could not discover what was wrong. They decided to move on to the temple of Erathis. The priestess there, Lavinia, expressed her concerns regarding a number of people in the city, especially a friend of hers, Hailin, who served as priestess at the shrine of Erathis. She went to see her one day only to be told that she had gone on a spiritual journey and would not return for some time. Lavinia advised them that this was odd behaviour. She also expreessed a dislike for Hailin’s replacement, Grovald.
The Dawnriders left to speak with Grovald. As they were leaving the Nine Bells they noticed that a great deal of work was being done on the temple of Moradin. This seemed to be unusual as most worshipped him at the stone anvil in the stonehammer district.

Grovald was a dour and surly man who would answer none of the party’s questions and confirmed Lavinia’s story regarding Hailin. Seeing they were getting nowhere and attracting the attention of the guard they decided to come back at night.
When they returned they were greeted by an ambush. Their assailants were composed of dopplegangers, human lackeys and grovald himself weilding arcane powers. After defeating them and capturing grovald the group were unable to get any further information from him. They knew something was wrong with the worshippers of moradin so they went to pay a visit to Durkik at the Stone anvil. Even though Valasaar had been there only a week before Durkik practically threw them out. Feeling that something was wrong Rahbn kept an eye in him while the rest of the party retired to the inn. Durkik left the Stone Anvil and walked to the warehouse district where he entered a deadend alley and came out looking very different. Rahbn then followed him to a warehouse in a more industrial district of the City. He called upon the rest of The Dawnriders and they all attacked the warehouse under cover of darkness. Inside they found Rufus, who upon seeing them turned and jumped through a window, floating to the floor. The place was full of human lackeys and more dopplegangers. They all fell and it was apparent to Valasaar that Rufus’ body showed some signs of decay and a strange spectral form left his body when he was slain. It seemed he was possessed. A thorough search of the warehouse uncovered a trap-door leading to a cell. Within was a severely battered Dwarf, it was Durkik. Rahbn disarmed the traps and opened the door. Durkik told them that a man named General Zithiruun had tortured him to find an entrance to the Mountainroot Temple, an ancient and unstable structure built before the time of chains to the glory of Maradin. In order for his worshippers to visit the temple a number of portals were created within the temple and one was in the STone Anvil in Overlook.

Durkik took The Dawnriders to the entrance in case Zithiruun had found a way in. Once inside the Temple they discovered a host of Fey creatures who were fighting for control of the Temple against the forces of The General. The Dawnriders had to fight through these creatures until they came to the large central chamber. Here their fight against the Fey was interrupted by a patrol of Trolls and they had to fight both factions. Although this battle took a great deal out of The Dawnriders they were victorious and moved into another large room with a fixed glass floor covering smaller rooms beneath. Here they fought the Eidolon defender of the Temple and many of General Zithiruun’s soldiers, including some Dragonborn and more Trolls. Once these minions were defeated they discovered the Temple’s defender, an Azer, tied to his bedframe in an ajointing room. He had clearly been tortured but his wounds were healed by Valasaar. He told his rescuers that General Zithiruun was planning to use the Temple to transport an army into Overlook prior to an overland attack to weaken the City from within. The guardian then travelled to Bordrin’s watch to warn them of the invasion and to come to the aid of Overlook, while The Dawnriders returned to the City to defend the walls and warn the Council of Elders.

Once back in the City it wasn’t long before General Zithiruun’s army was sighted and the horns sounded the call to arms. The Dawnriders stayed at Caer Overlook in order to get to any serious breaches. After two skirmishes with Trolls other invaders, Zithiruun himself decended upon the City riding a decaying zombie Dragon. Zithiruun was once a Githyanki, however he had been altered by dark powers. The ensuing battle was fierce but the General finally succumbed to the might of The Dawnriders. Once he had fallen the morale of his army fell apart and they fell back under fire from the Dwarven defenders. The battle ended as quickly as it started and although the walls were damaged the only area to suffer greatly was the Nine Bells.

Once again The Dawnriders had saved Overlook.

Den of the Destroyer

The Dawnriders returned to Overlook and reported their findings to Bram Ironfell. Although the news regarding the Karak lode was grim Bram, the Elsir Consortium and the Elder Council were very pleased that a possible threat to the area had been neutralised.

The next week was spent recovering from their exploits on the desert. Bram holds true to his word and the council approve funds to be drawn from the city vaults to aid in the restoration of the Monastery. It would appear since they have been gone that several new building initiatives were already under way in Overlook. The outer wall was being shored up and heightened by another 5 feet and there was general work all round the walls strengthening the defences. It would appear the council were taking the recent conflicts much more seriously and making the appropriate preparations.

The group heard word from the usual crowd in the [[Pig & Bucket]] that there were a few people asking after Valasaar by name, they were directed to the Monastery but it would appear some of them were still around Overlook, taking advantage of the living conditions in the city.

Valasaar managed to meet up with a group of three of them that had been travelling as a party for some time already, Benn, a Half-Elf(cleric), Nadarr, the Dragonborn (paladin) and Wella the halfling (avenger). All were worshippers of Bahamut who had been travelling the vale righting minor wrongs and dispatching monsters and evil where they found it. They were concerned with the apparent increase in Evil activity in recent days and were seeking both a way to make a larger impact in what appears to be increasingly dark times, and also further training in how to better protect those they are responsible for.

When the party visited the monastery, they noticed a large shape like some kind of rock, positioned on the ground outside the front gates. As they appoached, the shape stood up to it’s full, Warforged height of 6’5", his glowing eyes lit up brighter and he said. ‘You are Valasaar, I have been waiting for you’. He introduced himself as Reverence, saying that he has pledged his life in service of the platinum dragon and defence of others and that he would be honoured if Valasaar would consider using his service in defence of the realm.

No sooner had they put the new recruits to work The Dawnriders heard of a young lad by the name of Thurann asking after them. Remembering the boy from the Rivenroar Crypt near Brindol they went to search for him in the Nine Bells district. After some investigation they found out that a group of lost ones had kidnapped him and were holding him in an old temple of Pelor. They went there with all haste and kicked the doors in to find the boy tied to a chair. As they approached to release him the lost ones attacked. They were trying to capture them in order to collect a bounty that had been placed on The Dawnriders. They were unsucessful.

Thurann had some important news from Sertanian in Brindol. He needed the heroes of Overlook urgently. They rode at Dawn.

When they reached Brindol they went straight to see to the museum to see Sertanian. He showed them into a back room and unveiled the platinum blade that they had recovered from the Rivenroar crypt. He advised them that the sword was possessed by a spirit calling herself Amyria, who was asking for them.

She told them of a fortress in the north that was built by Githzerai that is now being used by a tribe of Gnolls. Their leader is looking to steal a portion of their God, Yeenoghou’s power and would threaten this area of the vale. She also asked them to find a conduit to the elemental chaos and to complete a ritual to release her from the blade. The Dawnriders were cautious of her but had no reason to doubt her intentions.

Leaving at Dawn the group travelled North and soon found Fortress Graystone following Amyria‘s directions. The entrance was guarded by a small group of Gnolls and with Rahbn sneaking on the flank the The Dawnriders charged in. The battle would have been short lived if it were not for a strange elemental spirit that possessed the statues around the entrance.
Upon entering the fortress our heroes discovered not ony a small army of gnolls but a network of defences. They cleared it room by room, each gnoll was armed with wicked looking shadar-kai weaponry and were being trained by a shadar-kai weapon master. They finally reached the main chamber where Fangren was completing his ritual to steal a portion of Yeenaghou’s power. Although they were wounded, The Dawnriders had no choice but to press on and stop him. However as they wre preparing to enter Gilgathorn burst in and attacked in order to claim the bounty on their heads. He was the last bounty hunter to trouble them, he was sent away by Valasaar, fortunate to keep his life.
The time had come to confront Fangren. They entered the ritual room and confronted him while the portal to the elemental chaos was still open. At Fangren command a huge claw emurged from the portal to attack The Dawnriders. This may have been the hardest fight yet for the party but they just managed to defeat the fiendish Gnoll Lord and with a combined effort closed the portal.

The Lost Mine of Karak

Following the events in the Shadowfell, Valasaar, Corren, Dargoth and Marcus were under pressure to register as an adventuring company. After much debate they decided on the name “”/campaign/scalesofwar-uk/wikis/the-dawnriders" class=“wiki-page-link”>The Dawnriders" and needed to find a fifth member. Although the quartet felt they were a strong operational fighting unit, they needed someone to act as pointman and scout aswell as someone who understood mechanical traps. After posting sever notices around Overlook, The Dawnriders recieved a visit from a kenku rogue who was new to the area. After a short period of discussion, Rahbn O’lDeerz was accepted as the fifth member of The Dawnriders.

Over the next few weeks Valasaar spent most of his time repairing and renovating the Monastery of the Sundered Chain after recieving permission from the Elder Council in Overlook to take control of the fortress.

One evening, while sinking a few rounds of local brew in the Pig & Bucket, a messenger arrived with an invitation to Caer Overlook to see a member of the Elsir Consortium, a Dwarf named Bram Ironfell. The Dawnriders drained their drinks and left for the fortress. Bram had heard of their exploits like everyone else and had a mission of great importance for them. Bram Ironfell’s clan once owned a large mine in the south full of rich veins or numerous precious metals and gems. The location was kept as a secret known only to members of the clan who worked the mines. One day the usual shipment didn’t arrive at the depot, and all contact was lost to the mine of Karak. No one knew the location of the mine, until Bram found an obscure note with vague directions, located in the aftermath of the raids on Sarshan’s warehouse network in Overlook. He wants The Dawnriders to go and locate the mine and ensure it is safe to re-open. If so it will mean that there is enough gold to fully protect the city from further attacks.

The group rode south at dawn and presently arrived at the Thornwaste, a large area of dense thorn bushes, and began to negotiate their way through. After only a couple of hours the company encountered a ranger by the name of Mag Blackthorn. He warned them not to destroy any area of the Thornwaste and that he would be watching, but also gave them directions to get through to the southern edge.

The journey through the forest of thorns was slow. As they reached an open area Rahb’n noticed some movement ahead in the bushes. The company halted and took cover calling for the presumed would be ambushers to show themselves. After a short wait a dwarf appeared atop a rocky outcrop. He demanded they hand over the directions to the Karak lode. Realising that these Dwarves wanted the gold for themselves The Dawnriders refused and several Dwarven warriors armed with a combination of warhammers and crossbows burst from the undergrowth to attack. The Dwarves were well armoured and resolute, but it was not enough to defeat The Dawnriders who stood victorious.

With some precise navigation from Marcus The Dawnriders exited the Thornwaste near Dunesend, a small town on the edge of a vast desert. In the centre of town was a large Dwarven Tower that they presumed to be the depot indicated on the directions. They headed toward the town only to find the villages being attacked by a Gnoll, his pet Behir and three Satyr’s. Valasaar having taken a vow to protect the weak charged in against the Gnoll and a short but bloody fight ensued. Dargoth engaged the Behir in combat and ended up being swallowed by the beast. He eventually fought his way out and slew the creature. Valasaar, blessed his blade and killed the Gnoll known as the Warden. Seeing the death of their comrades, the Satyr’s had no more stomach for the fight and fled.

After the dust had settled Valasaar learnt that the Warden was taking a tribute from the village for someone known as Shephatiah, the Queen of the Drylands and they now feared reprisals. The Quintet decided to rest here for the night before heading south again into the desert.

The journey across the burning sands was long and hard but The Dawnriders were well prepared for it. After three gruelling days they arrived at a large outcrop of rock with a fortress cut into it. Although there were figures at the arrow slits there was no movement and all seemed quiet. The group approached without challenge to find a closed portcullis. Dargoth used his great strength to force the portcullis open allowing the party to enter the fortress only to be ambushed by Troglodytes. From slits in the walls and murder holes in the ceiling they trow javelins foul magics at The Dawnriders. Corren stepped throughthe shadowfell to reappear behind their defences and un-bar the doors allowing his comrades to join the foul smelling creatures on their own terms. After defeating this small unit of Trogs they ventured further in to find a large and well constructed dwarven fortress. It was almost completely abandoned. while walking through a large room with a partially collapsed ceiling a carrion crawler emerged from the large pile of sand that had fallen from above. This creature was easy to slay on its own, however as it died four harpies swooped down from the gap in the roof to attack. These creatures were a challenge for the experienced group but thanks to Marcus’s spells they were dispatched.

After searching the rest of the area, and because they hed taken several wounds from the harpies they decided to rest. The Dawnriders constructed several barricades and recovered their wounds in a fairly secure place before moving on to investigate the rest of the fortress.

They soon found an area containing strange trees that usually grow upside down in the underdark, their roots reaching up to the sunlight. However, these trees were right side up, they must be feeding off some other sort of energy…

Passing through a set of double doors they encountered a large room with a raised dias opposite them. On the dias was a regal looking Eladrin female who demanded to know who had invaded her realm. Valasaar could see straight away that she was other than she appeared to be. seeing that she was not fooling them the illusion slipped away to reveal a hideous dryad with roots burrowinging into a corpse at her feet. Surrounding her were shifter warriors, human lackeys and cacklefiend hyenas. The dryad caused The Dawnriders some problems because she could teleport from one tree to the next, however they were eventually victorious. The party then searched the rest of the fortress and found nothing but an old man in the prison. He was surrounded by 7 singing canaries. They released him and gave him food and water but he seemed to be frail of mind as well as body and said nothing to them, almost as if they were not there. He soon wandered off into the desert. There was nothing else here, try as they might they were unable to find any entrance to the mine. After several hours of searching they found nothing new so decided to sleep for the night in a very defensible area.

While Dargoth watched he heard a portcullis open and ran to wake the others. They were soon met by five cavern chokers led by a Troglodyte Curse Chanter. The chokers were no match for ‘visions of averice’ and soon fell to the blades of The Dawnriders. On the Trog they found a Dwarven ring wedged onto his large finger. When they searched the fortress again they discovered a number of scattered canary feathers leading to the prison area. When they investigated the old man’s cell the ring actvated a secret portal leading down via a pulley lift. They had finally found the mine.

When they decended they were met by another group of Troglogyte guards who were slain by the vengefull adventurers. The walls of the mine were filled not with ore, but with strange elemental energy. Something was seriously wrong here, a power greater than they had imagined was down in the mine. The main shaft eventually opene up into a large cavern that appeared to be home to another 2 carrion crawlers, and a swarm of spiders. A large gorilla like Demon was also waiting for them. The floor was riddled with the strage elemental veins and The Dawnriders were hesitant to touch it. As they crossed over it to engage these guardian beasts a strange decaying form rose from the elemantal chaos, its flest was icy and a chill aura eminated from it. Dargoth charged into the demon hoping to keep it tied up while the others took care of the rest. The chillborn zombie fell to a flurry of blows, and the spider swarm was destroyed by Corren‘s swordburst. The carrion crawlers almost paralised Corren and took longer to kill and the Barlgura couldn’t beat Dargoth’s defences and was finally slain.
The next cavern was even bigger and was separated by a chasm containing raw elemental energy. At the far end was a pile of Dwarven skulls, and perched atop them was large Naga that was clearly the real Queen Shephatiah . Her two Mezzodemon body guards turned to face the intruders. As The Dawnriders approached a flaming elemental form rose from the chasm and attacked. The odds were stacked against them but like any snake if you kill the head the body dies. They focused their attacks on Queen Shephatiah and eventually vanquished her. Seeing their leader die the demons escaped through the chasm into the elemental rift.

The Dawnriders were victoious, the Karak lode was safe but still contaminated and unfit for future mining.

The Shadowrift of Umbraforge

Investigations in Overlook
Upon their return to Overlook they learned that the Orcs had been stopped at Bordrin’s watch and the land was once again safe. The Freerunners and the other adventurers had aided the guards in holding back the hoard, and the Orcs retreated in disarray without any kind of cohesion or leadership.

The City was in their debt and the elders arranged a celebration in their honour, following which they spent many days in the City recovering from their ordeal. One evening as they wandered through the city they were ambushed by a group of thugs in a dimly lit back ally. These rogues were easily dealt with, although they were led by a Wizard of some power. Corren tried to find some way of identifying them and found a note on the Wizard ordering them to attack the party in order to retrieve the strange key they picked up from a “dark one” in the vents. The note was signed by Modra.

The Happy Beggar
After some investigation and interrogation of a prisoner in the custody of Kalad they learned that Modra was looking for people with a knowledge of the Stonehome mountains and tracked him down to an alms house called the Happy Beggar. He had been seen there but the owners were completely unaware. Upon further investigation they found a secret passage in the cellar. Much to the dismay of the landlord, Valasaar started shifting loose stone in the disused pantry and fell headfirst down a shaft. When he came to his senses he could dimly see a large natural cavern ahead, and was ambushed by viscious shadowhunter bats. These creatures were difficult to kill as they remained out of sword range, harrying the adventurers from the relative safety of the stalactites in the ceiling.

The party continued into another room to find a strange arch in the centre of the room, three dark ones, two shadow hounds in a cage and a witch. Dargoth charged the witch before she could cast her foul sorceries and smashed into her with his Warhammer, the others sprung into action and in a flurry of flame and steel the only survivor was the Witch, who escaped through a set of double doors. Valasaar secured the doors so that they could investigate the arch. When Corren touched it a portal appeared to a warehouse in overlook above full of weapons, enough to equip an army.

The time had ome to deal with the Witch. They opened the doors to find another arch in the centre of this room also. The Witch opened this portal and released six Wraiths into the room that moved to attack the heroes. At that moment from a crack in the floor in the corner of the room a dark one shouted to the group “throw me the key and I can call them off”. Not trusting this new stranger they refused to comply with his demands. He then ran at the Witch, stole her key and disapeered through the portal.

The fight that ensued was the most bitter the party had encountered. The Wraiths seemed to be almost immune to their weapons and seemed to regenerate. After killing the Witch and only two Wraiths, the party escaped through the first portal back to Overlook

==The ShadowfellUmbraforge==

The party, after resting, once more ventured beneath the happy beggar to further investigate the incursion beneath overlook. Expecting to find wraiths haunting the storerooms they found nothing but the slain corpses of their enemies. Wasting no time the used their key to activate the main gate and stepped through.

On the other side they found a mirror image of the room they had just left, with another portal leading to what seemed to be a dark wood. This portal was surrounded by a field of force, preventing any of them from stepping through it. Upon leaving the room the group found themselves in a strange land, the Shadowfell. The sky was a dark boiling mass of cloud and the plantlife was grey and dark shadows clung to everything. In the distance was a large volcano spewing lava, a tower, and a dark fortified structure. Surrounding these two building was what they were soon to discover to be a mercenary camp.

In order to discover what threat this posed to overlook and untimately their world the company decided to investigate and, as always, trouble was close to hand. They learned that the tower and the squat building, known as the forge, belonged to a powerful Lord named Sarshan. They also discovered that Modra used to be in his employ but has fallen from favour because he was working beyond Sarshan’s orders. While they were gaining this information, a tribe of Ogres started a fight with them in order to prove their strength.

The experienced adventurers fought with skill and savagery that shocked the growing audience, and before long a pile of dead Ogres lay at their feet. The group finally discovered that Modra was planning to break into the Forge and destroy it. This was their opportunity to get inside and investigate this strange place. During that day spontaneous erruptions from the volcano violently shook the area, and seemed to be getting worse.
That night they watched the Forge and crept in after Modra. Once he saw the group he released a strange, mutated creature upon them from one of the large holding pens. It was a huge and mighty two-headed boar! This beast was hard to put down and they had to fight Modra and his minions at the same time. When they had finally finished them off it was clear that Modra had damaged the complex system of pipes and there were noises issuing from the front doors. They quickly found a secret passage to the tower and escaped.

On the other side of the passage they found a corridor leading to a library. Within were three shadar-kai warriors, guarding the secret entrance. One was armed with a great-sword, the others were armed with punching daggers. The lead warrior activated a switch in the wall which in turn activated a shadow dart trap. The quartet had to destroy these warriors as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid detection. After a brief but violent fight the shadar-kai lay dead, although one nearly escaped to raise the alarm.

The party moved to the base of one of the towers and ascended a staircase. At the top they found a civilian researcher working on some arcane formulae. Unfortunately he knew very little of Sarshan’s overall plan. They moved into the central courtyard and were suprised to find a small garden and another portal on the far wall. Recalling the blocked portal they found when they first arrived in the Shadowfell, they believed this one to lead back there. As they moved towards it they were ambushed by shadow scarab swarms and a large shadow beetle. The swarms were a terrible foe as there were thousands of the beasts, and to add to this threat a wraith and a chain wielding Shadar-kai warrior emerged from a hole in the floor using some kind of levitation device. Moments after these enemies had been defeated a hoard of warriors including a scarred lieutenant, named Thannu, and his pet shadow panthers, arrived. The four companions were outnumbered, however it was about to get worse…

Sarshan himself emerged from the portal and stood before the party. He expressed his unhappiness at the deaths of so many of his employees and servants. Thinking on his feet and possibly with some divine intervention Valasaar bluffed that they had been hunting Modra and came to warn Sarshan of the plot to kill him. Sarshan was not entirely convinced, but due to their obvious martial prowess he offered them work as mercenaries, informing them in the process that their world will shortly be no place to live. Just at that moment the elemental rift errupted violently and Sarshan was forced to cut the meeting short, and without confirming Valasaar’s story ordered his lieutenant to kill them, instead of wasting precious time and effort keeping an eye on them.

Thannu and his vicious pets leapt into battle. He bound Dargoth’s feet to the floor rendering his mighty hammer useless, leaving only the other three heroes to worry about. The fight was very hard fought and the group were battle weary, however they finally managed to defeat Thannu, and escaped from the tower. Marcus Brandale and Corren were able to recalibrate the portal that led back to the gateway to their own plane of existence. They fled through the portal and back to Overlook before the chaos caused by the erupting shadowrift could cause them further harm.

Siege at Bordrin's Watch

Siege at Bordrin’s Watch

Answering the Call to Arms

The inhabitants of Brindol were overjoyed to hear that their town was now safe and the resurgence of the red hand had been stopped so threw a celebratory feast in honour of Valasaar, Corren, Baron and their new ally, Dargoth. During the feast Eoffram Troias suggested that the group should travel to Overlook as they had clearly proved their worth in Brindol. A call to arms had been issued because of recent attacks by Orcs in the West.
They decided to travel to Overlook and investigate. The next morning Corren, Dargoth and Valasaar woke to discover Baron missing. He left a note explaining that his path lay in another direction. Knowing that there was nothing they could do they bought horses and rode west.
Before they arrived they were ambushed by a group of Orcs. Although they were caught by suprise the trio fought well and left the corpses of 7 Orcs in their wake. They were worried by the presence of Orcs so far East of the mountains that had always served as a barrier with Bordrin’s watch as the gatehouse. Perhaps it had already fallen. They hurried on to Overlook.
Upon arriving at the huge walls of Overlook they were ushered to the ‘blister’, the area where all the adventurers were gathering. There they met Megan Swiftblade, leader of the Freerunners and Edgar Sommerfield, leader of the Farstriders in the Pig & Bucket alehouse. the Farstriders are a rather flamboyant and egotistical adventuring group, while the Freerunners are more down to earth.
While the trio were drinking and resting from their weary travels a familiar looking wizard made a spectacular entrance. He turned out to be none other than Marcus Brandale, Baron’s elder Brother, and was asking for news of his whereabouts. The group told Marcus of Baron’s heroism and the fact that he is safe, and off to find his destiny. This seemed to reassure him and he agreed to join the group now that he knew his Brother was safe.
The new larger group headed further into the City to find lodgings. The came to a reputable establishment known as Belden’s rest and were genially served by Rory & Ruth Teng. When they awake the quartet headed to Caer Overlook for the adventurer’s meeting. There were scores of adventurers there, including the Farstriders and the Freerunners. The meeting was called to order by Elder Cadrick and he identified three main attack routes that the Orc’s could take. The first was obviously Bordrin’s Watch, which will be defended by the majority of the adventurers. the second was the Vent’s – an ancient Dwarven maze of tunnels stretching below the mountains. The Farstriders were tasked with protecting that area by themselves. The third was the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. Located high in the Stonehome Mointains, the Monastery is ancient enough to have tunnel entrances in its basement. Elder Cadrick then asked for volunteers to travel to the Monastery to protect it and warn the priests there. Valasaar volunteered the services of himself and his friends for this mission.

The Monastery of the Sundered Chain

The group travelled across country to the river, then followed it to the mountains before heading up towards the monastery. When they finally arrived they found it had been attacked by Orcs. The savage beasts had slain the inhabitants, including Aurin Goomrin, Valasaar’s father. The heroes put dozens of Orcs and Orogs to the sword to avenge the deaths of the priests. Valasaar knelt beside the dying body of his Father, who with his dying breath blamed Valasaar for not being there to stop them. He then handed him his Holy symbol of Bahamut, which doubled to a key to open the secret passage used by the Orcs. Without pause Valasaar led his companions into the depth.
Their first challenge was a deep stairwell guarded by a dozen Orc’s. One false step would mean certain death as the fall would be fatal. Without pause the heroes launched into combat, dispatching the enemy in their path. The stair led to a very large cavern illuminated by a huge fire. Here they fought their hardest fight yet. A huge Orog in plate armour, weilding a bastard sword lay waste to the group, felling Corren and seriously wounding the others. After finally landing the killing blow, the group found a dying Dwarf, who told them that he had blocked the passage to the Orc lands but the vents were not yet secure. The heroes had to ensure that the Farstrider’s had completed their mission.

The Nexus

Led by Kalad, the Heroes travelled overland to the Vents to aid the Farstriders in their quest, to ensure that the Orc’s could not use them to enter the land surrounding Overlook. When they arrived at the Vents they discovered a recently used camp-site but no sign of the Farstriders. The group descended into the vents, hot on the trail, but ended up lost in the tunnels. They eventually came across a group of Orcs and a Troll, who they ambushed, and dispatched, after taking some heavy wounds. Before them was a long room with double doors at the end. Dargoth ventured in first, only to discover the room was trapped with an ancient Dwarven defence mechanism. Crossbows and guardian automotons appeared from nowhere and attacked. Dargoth retreated to Kalad’s position, where he had found a control area. Unfortunately Dargoth did the only thing he can do well, and hit it with his sacificial hammer. The mechanism exploded, but it didn’t deactvate the defences. It took the group some time to destroy the devices, and they were in need of rest before continuing.
When they opened the large double doors they encountered another group of Orcs, fire beetles and a strange cloaked figure who attcked from the shadows. Valasaar ended the skirmish by incinerating the cloaked figure with his daunting light prayer. The creature’s body was gone, but in the smouldering cloak was a small key-like device. Marcus identified it as a magical artefact for opening a portal.

Tusk and Myrissa

Along the endge of two walls were very large hot pipes with valves, leading into the next room. Moving swiftly onwards in hope of finding the nexus that operates the ancient Dwarven defence mechanism the group found themselves in a huge room with a spiralling walkway ascending around the edge. In the centre was a great column with the two large iron pipes leading into it. As they began the climb hordes of Orcs charged from tunnels in the walls. They were led by Tusk, a hulking half-ogre warlord and Myrissa, a Shadar-Kai warlock.
The Heroes were stuck on the walk-way, unable to move, surrounded by their bitter enemies, there seemed to be no stopping them. As Tusk charged in, Dargoth and Valasaar shared a knowing glance and stepped in to fight the giant. The ensuing battle was desparate and bloody. Tusk was finally slain by a crushing blow from Dargoth and fell from the walkway to his doom. He then fought a valiant rear-guard to allow the others to reach the top of the room where Myrissa waited. Marcus hit her with a barrage of Arcane energy and she fell dead on the operating switch. Gurgling, steaming water began to rush into the room from ground level and began to engulf the swarms of Orcs. Dargoth only just managed to reach the exit hatch in time.
The nexus had been activated and the Vents were safe from further incurrsions. The companions journeyed back to Overlook to report their success and the demise of the Farstriders.

Rescue at Rivenroar

Valasaar, Baron and Corren were enjoying a peaceful rest, at separate tables, in the Antler & Thistle in the town of Brindol. The quiet was shattered when a group of humanoids smashed through the front door. Hobgoblins and Goblins poured in and started setting the place alight and killing the patrons, until the three warriors stood to face the threat. Before long the invaders were laying dead in the ground and the survivors were rescued by the heroic trio. After short introductions it was soon apparent that there were more incursions throughout the town.

Corren ventured forth to investigate only to encounter an Ogre bearing a cart full of incendiary devices. A bitter fight ensued and with reinforcement from Baron and Valasaar the beast was put down.

There was to be no rest for the heroes as the attacks were continuing throughout the town…

The Search for the Red Hand

When they arrived at the bridge our brave adventurers found no more of the foul beasts. The attack was over. leaving Baron to guard the bridge from further inccursions, Valasaar started organising the guards and healing the wounded. They found there was a lack of leadership, and went to find someone in authority. The Keep was locked and deserted, and no-one knew where the Master of the Guard, Kartinix was. Eventually Corren, Baron and Valasaar, found rest in the Thirsty Zombie Inn.

In the morning the trio found Eoffram Troilas, a half-Elf and member of the Town Council. He had heard of their bravery and after Valasaar, had assured him of their loyalties he hired them to find a group of prisoners that were taken by the Red Hand, along with sacred artefacts stolen from Brindol’s Hall of Great Valour.

He also advised them that the guard had taken a prisoner themselves, a Hobgoblin, who was in the stocks. Baron and Corren managed to prise the location of the Red Hand’s lair in the North, near the ruined Castle Rivenroar.

The intrepid adventurers set off in following his direction, but were clearly misled as they wandered into a Kruthik Hive. A bitter fight ensued, with the heroes barely escaping with their lives. Finally, exhausted they reached their destination just as night fell.

Castle Rivenroar

After a nights rest and a prayer to Bahamut, Valasaar, Baron and Corren descend into an open Mausoleum within the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. As they enter they soon realise they are not alone, two large and heavily armed Hobgoblin soldiers and a Goblin sharpshooter are waiting for them. The heroes brace for the charge as their eyes become accustomed to the darkness and manage to slay the creatures and avoid the deadly flame trap. There were three doors facing them, one to the left, one central and one on the right. Taking the central door they once more descended further below the ruins. They came upon a large chamber full of broken flagstones and rubble from collapsed areas of the ceiling. While making their way across the chamber, avoiding unusal growths of fungus they were set-upon by a pair of Drakes, who were plainly guarding something. The ensuing battle was hard, with Valasaar taking serious wounds. Once the Drakes were slain they moved to the only other door in the room. Beyond it they found a small chamber, inhabited by Zerriksa, one of the missing inhabitants of Brindol. She was held within a magical globe of force. Corren used his extensive knowledge of arcana to establish that there was a weakness in the sphere and with the aid of Baron managed to release her, and take her back to the surface. She told them that there were other prisoners from the town being held here against their will, but she was not sure how many. the only other one she saw was a small boy that they threatened in order to force her co-operation. Taking the left hand door this time the trio discovered a small living area containing four Hobgoblins and another Hobgoblin soldier. Seizing the initiative they charged into battle and dispached them with relative ease.

Blocking the left hand door the trio entered a long corridor puntuated with two gaping holes in the floor. The only apparent way to cross was a rope haong from the ceiling above each. Once negotiated they were in a large room dominated by an alter and 4 large sarcophogi, the crypt of the Rivenroar family. As soon as they entered they were attacked by a group of hobgoblins and a guard drake. The ensuing fight was possibly their toughest yet and Valasaar fell just as the last soldier was slain. Following the skirmish, the heroes decided to recover their wounds back at the camp, and left the crypt for another day.

After being berated by Zerriksa for leaving her alone in the wilderness and pestered to head back to Brindol the party once again entered the ruins of Rivenroar crypt. Heading up an iron spiral staircase from the Rivenroar crypt, they entered a hallway with a door branching off. Inside this room was another of the captives of Brindol, Mirtala, the cook from The Laughing Manticore. She was beset by a group of dire rats and appeared to be suffering greatly from weeping sores caused by their infected bites. Dealing with the pack with relative ease, Valasaar bound Mirtalas wounds and the group led her back to the camp to leave her with Zerriksa. Mirtala was dumbstruck from her ordeal and no one was able to communicate with her, although she followed the party around willingly.

Heading back and pressing onwards, the next room to be entered contained a group of three Ettercaps, spider like creatures who had captured two humanoids and web them to the walls of their lair. During the fight, one of the captives broke free and assisted with the fight. He introduced himself as Dargoth, a Goliath warrior who had tracked the Hobgoblin forces down into the crypt, only to be ambushed by one of their Warcasters and handed to the Ettercaps. He agreed to join the party in their task to locate the prisoners and the missing items. Unfortunately, the other humanoid webbed to the Ettercaps lair was the now dead body of Kartenix, captain of the guard. Valasaar determined that he had died sometime within the last twelve hours. Clearly they needed to hurry in their rescue of the prisoners for fear of losing more!

Heading down the stairs, they came across the Von Urstadt crypt, several alcoves in the wall holding decayed bodies of the former noble house. At first glance this seemed like a normal crypt. Corren went to investigate the room further and as he stepped within the middle, the North door swung opened and a small gnomish creature appeared out of the shadows near the door. Within seconds two magma creatures were summoned in by the protective magics warding the tomb, throwing the party into another fight for their lives. During the fight, one of the gnomes managed to sneak away and appeared to be running for help but he was chased and cut down before he could escape fully.

The room to the North was a small jail cell which contained another of the citizens of Brindol. Sertanian, castellan of the Hall of Great Valour. He was welcome for the rescue and joined the party, saying that he would recognise any of the missing treasures on sight and as such had to accompany them so as to be sure they didn’t miss any of the precious artefacts that needed returning. The party pressed onwards through the room that held the Ettercaps and the corpse of Kartenix and moved upstairs to a guard room with several more of the Red Hand Hobgoblin army.
The guards were dealt with swiftly but a Hobgoblin Warcaster gave the heroes the run around for a good while. Eventually he was dealt with as he was attempting to flee the room to the west. The party saw a dark side of Sertanian as he spent part of the fight dismembering the bloody remains of some of the Hobgoblin guards, cursing the ‘foul beasts’ who had invaded his town and stole his precious antiquities. Scouring the area, the fourth prisoner, Jalissa, an acolyte of Ioun, was found tied to an alter in an antechamber to the south. Corren freed her and she clung to her saviour for dear life, grateful for human contact after so many days spent in the company of the Hobgoblins.

Following the Warcasters intended route and heading West, the group wandered into a room containing several large stone Menhirs. Bitingly cold to the touch (as Dargoth discovered to his pain yet not seeming in any other way malevolent, the group headed to open the North door. Inside the Northern chamber was a huge Hobgoblin in spiked armour, contemplating a highly decorative helm sat on the sarcophagus in front of him. Upon the door opening, the Hobgoblin turned to see who had violated his inner sanctum and roared a challenge before hefting his large spiked chain and charging into the group. This was Sinruth, leader of the reborn Red Hand!

A vicious fight ensued, with Sinruth swinging his massive spiked chain with reckless abandon, greatly damaging several of the party members and causing them to trip and fall precariously before he would stomp on them with his huge Hobgoblin jackboots. The superior combat awareness and skill of the heroes shone through in the end and despite his tenacity, Sinruth eventually fell under the onslaught.

Sertanian confirmed the helm and also the gauntlets that Sinruth were wearing were both treasure from the Hall of Great Valour. On Sinruth’s body, along with a map of the area surrounding Brindol marked with key ambush points and hiding locations, was the following letter:

The growing party left Sinruth’s corpse and headed deeper into the crypt. Corren was heavily wounded and Valasaar knew that only time and rest would heal them. Corren insisted that they all press on and rescue any other prisoners. Fearing the worst, and after reading about the Wight in the letter to Sinruth, they cautiously advanced. In the next room they found a strange emblem enscribed on the floor, the only inhabitants were two Zombies and two Ghouls. They seemed to be drawing energy from the emblem and their eyes glowed manacingly as they moved to attack. The paralyzing attacks of the Ghouls slowed the party, however after a brief fight they were victorious.

The next room contained a strange fountain. Dargoth approached to quench his thirst only to witness scenes appearing in the water of rooms within this crypt. The most prominent of these was a large throne room. Upon the thrones sat two rotting corpses.

As they moved through the crypt they soon found the throne room. Two powerful undead creatures rose to destroy the heroes. Small piles of bones knitted together to form skeletal warriors that seemed to keep coming back to life as soon as they were put down. The mighty Dargoth was immobilised by the undead and the battle was hard fought until Valasaar unleashed the holy might of Bahamut upon the foul denizens of the afterlife, forcing one of them within reach of Dargoth. The fight was won and the Crypt was cleansed. They soon recovered the rest of the lost artifacts and Kartenix’ son, and returned to Brindol, their quest accomplished.

Scales of war Adventure Log
A record of the exploits of The Dawnriders

From their humble beginnings as wandering adventurers in Brindol to their role in thwarting the Githyanki invasion of the free-lands and beyond…


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