Population: 8,400
Demographics: (81% Human, 8% Halfling, 5% Dwarf, 3% Dragonborn, 2% Elf, 1% Eladrin).
Governent: Lord Kerden Jarmaath, Lord of Brindol (figurehead), City Council
Defense: The Lion Guard

One of the largest settlements in the vale, Brindol is a prosperous farming community and caravan stopover located along the Dawn Way on the south bank of the Elsir River. Orchards of apple and pear trees follow the river’s winding shores, while broad grain fields and farmlands surround the town for miles in all directions. Brindol is the home of Lord Kerden Jarmaath, and his small keep and the city walls are the only fortifications of note this side of Dennovar.

Recent Events

Brindol was the site of the recent resurgence of the Red Hand of Doom, when the goblinoid horde led by Sinruth fell upon the city, decimating lives and property and stealing many of the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor. The new Red Hand was tracked down and destroyed and the town’s treasures were successfully restored to the Hall under the protection of the Castellan, Sertanian during the events of Rescue at Rivenroar.



1) City Gates
2) The Antler and Thistle tavern (Burned down during the Red Hand attack)
3) Axenhaft Security (Guard Service)
4) Shank’s Shivs (Weapon Shop)
5) Brindol Market
6) Thirsty Zombie (Tavern)
7) Red Magic and Sundries (Magic Shop)
8) Shrine of Avandra
9) The Craven Raven (Tavern)
10) Velorian’s Playhouse
11) Brindol Academy
12) The Laughing Manticore (Tavern)
13) Kaal Manor (Noble Estate)
14) Teskerwill Manor (Noble Estate)
16) The Hall of Great Valor
17) Cathedral of Pelor
18) Brindol Keep
19) Haskin Mansion (Noble Estate)
20) Brindol Cemetery
21) Temple of Ioun


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