Fortress Graystone

Fortress Graystone sits built into the side of a low peak of the Giant’s Shield mountains. The structure is well hidden from the eyes of the inhabitants of Elsir Vale, as was the intention of its builders. A massive stone staircase leading into the side of the mountain is the only entrance.

Fortress Graystone was constructed by a band of githzerai monastics whose reasons for dwelling in the mortal realm have been lost to history. Later explorers found evidence that the citadel was built as a place of training and meditation for the githzerai, and assumed that its remote location had been chosen for its defensive value. However, what no one realized is that Fortress Graystone was built to defend what lies hidden within it.

In their home in the Elemental Chaos, the githzerai discovered a thinning in the barrier between that plane and the world. Making their way to the world, they searched for and found this planar breach in the Giant’s Shield mountains. There, they built a fortress around the point of planar instability, attempting to prevent the damage that might occur to both planes should the breach be fully opened.

Decades ago, the githzerai inhabiting Fortress Graystone vanished without a trace. Recently, [[Sarshan]] ordered the gnolls of the Wicked Fang pack to travel here and secure the fortress as part of their deal with the shadar-kai arms dealer. Little did [[Sarshan]] know what [[Fangren]] would find there. Though he is hardly a scholar, the gnoll shaman obtained knowledge of planar magic that allowed him to tap into the power hidden within the fortress. Now, he seeks to use it for his own dark ends.

Fortress Graystone reflects the aesthetic of the githzerai who built it, demonstrating balance between the chaos of their birthplace and the order they sought to impose upon their own lives.

The fortress takes its name from the distinctive gray stone found in this area of the Giant’s Shield, colored that way by prevalent veins of platinum ore. The stone walls of the fortress are decorated with bas reliefs and carvings that have withstood the passage of years with little deterioration. However, the arrival of the Wicked Fang gnolls has changed that.

Fortress Graystone

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