Monastery of the Sundered Chain


The Monastery of the Sundered Chain is located in the mountains to the west of Overlook and South of Bordrin’s Watch

The Fortress Monastery was established hundreds of years ago at the end of the Age of Chains by a devoted group of Clerics and Monks who fought in many of the battle against the giant forces. After the Elsir Vale region was freed, the clergy was initially sited within a temple at Overlook. It soon became clear over the following years that Overlook was to become a major city with much in the way of trade and commerce passing through it. As a result, the new Monastery was built in the mountains a short distance from Overlook, allowing the Clergy to avoid the distractions of the large city, whilst being close enough to aid in it’s defence.

The monastery accepted members of many different faiths, although each of the major deities has at some point been represented in the majority, usually following the devotions of the current high priest.

The most recent high priest was Aurin Goomrin, Sword Priest of Bahamut who claimed the post after his triumphs in ridding the local region of a cult of Tiamat that arose within the last few years.

Recent Events

The inhabitants of the Monastery were slaughtered in a brutal attack by the Orcs during the events surrounding the Siege at Bordrin’s Watch. The clerics were caught unaware as the Orc raiders came up from the concealed tunnels below the mountains. Aurin was amongst those killed alongside many of the other battle clerics at the mountain fortress and the site has remained uninhabited since that fateful day. Following Aurin’s death, Valasaar Moonscale, adopted son of Aurin, took the role of Sword Priest and defender of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

The Faithful

Valasaar Moonscale has been attempting to rekindle the flame of worship at the Monastery, and its role as a source of powerful warriors to help defend the area, since the fateful day when the inhabitants were murdered by Tusks advance force. Several faithful of Bahamut have flocked to aid him in his task:

  • Reverence the Warforged Paladin
    Reverence is the rock of the monastery. He stands watch on the battlements, keeping tireless vigil on the plain below. A man of few words, his devotion to Bahamut is unquestionable.
  • Bennjan Aehlerim the Half-elf Cleric
    While Valasaar is the military leader of the Monastery, Benn is the spiritual heart. He takes the role of high priest in all worship due to the absence of Valasaar on Coalition business. Benn is Deeply religious, pious and wise in all matters.
  • Nadarr the Dragonborn paladin
    Nadarr is Bennjan’s unofficial body guard. He follows the Half-elf where ever he goes and assists with training the initiates in the ways of the warrior.
  • Wella the Halfling Avenger

Temple hall
Living quarters

Monastery of the Sundered Chain

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