The Freerunners

The Freerunners formed up six months ago in Elsir’s Crossing. They left the small community and headed east, where they dealt with a foul cabal of cultists in an isolated town called Beacon. After, they returned to Brindol for some down time and learned of the impending threat, The Freerunners went west to do their part in defending their homeland.

*Megan Swiftblade
As the leader of the Freerunners, Megan sees her fellow adventurers as extended family and is protective
of them—protective to the point that conflicts sometimes arise. She can come off as brusque, but she
means well and is fearless in battle. Megan is sword thin with an attractive figure, keeps her blond hair
cut short, and has a vicious scar that runs from her forehead and down her left cheek.

*Ragnum Dourstone
The heart of the Freerunners is Ragnum Dourstone, a graying dwarf priest of Moradin. Born and raised in Overlook, he left the city in disgust after witnessing the decay in his church. Although estranged from his kin, he would not abandon the city to the orc armies and so he convinced his companions to make the journey west.
Ragnum is just over 4-1/2 feet tall and weighs upward of 200 pounds. He has auburn hair streaked with gray and a thick beard he wears in braids. Gruff and serious, he believes in doing his duty with honor and is an implacable foe when crossed.

*Sylen Leafrunner
Born in the Westdeep, Sylen left his woodland home, disagreeing with their distrust and remembering how his people aided in the defense of the Vale against the Red Hand. He fell in with Megan and began a torrid love affair that has endured over the years. Although he feels strongly for the woman, he is secretly ashamed, feeling as though he has betrayed his people and his culture by his dalliance in human realms.
Sylen is whip thin, with long brown hair and angular features that give him the look of a fox. He’s most comfortable in his hunting garb and wears clothing dyed in greens and browns. He’s friendly and a constant companion, keeping his secret guilt close to his heart.

*Ghena Tenson
An arcanist of some talent, Ghena was apprenticed to a wizard who helped save the Elsir Vale from the
Red Hand in the past. When she had learned all she could, she left to find her own place in the world. Ghena is content to work with the Freerunners, but sees it as a short-term venture, since she believes she’s destined for greatness, far more than her current companions will ever achieve. Short, pudgy, with a round face and small eyes, she has shoulder-length blond hair, a face full of freckles, and long, slender fingers. She wears traveling clothes and carries a black staff with silver ferrules at either end.

Madrick never planned on becoming an adventurer; he was content in his forest home in the Feywild with his pet raccoon, Bandit. However, the formorians raided his community, and only by his quick wit and a timely warning from Bandit did Madrick escape. Unfortunately for him, he went through a doorway into the natural world. Confused, surprised, and a little homesick, Madrick took up with the Freerunners for lack of anything else to do and has remained with them ever since. Although he enjoys their company, he’s always looking for a way back to his home so he might rescue his captured kin. Madrick is short, with pale skin, and large black eyes. He wears brown and gray clothing to help him sneak about. His best friend in the world is Bandit and the raccoon is never far from his side.

The Freerunners

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