The dominion of Sarshan in the Shadowfell is a military enclave that grows larger every day in preparation for war. Two features dominate the site, Tower Umbraforge, the angular edifice that serves as the center of Sarshan’s operations, and the magma shadow rift that flows from a low, rocky ridge overlooking the area. Close to the tower stands the arcane foundry where Sarshan magically augments living creatures for combat.

Recent Events
During The Shadowrift of Umbraforge, a massive eruption of the shadow rift caused chaos and destruction within the camp itself. Coupled with the sabotage on the dark foundry at the hands of Modra, the damage seemed extensive. As the party was leaving through the portal back to the Prime Material plane, they saw the bridge and most of the camps being torn apart by the energy unleashed by the eruption. It is assumed that Umbraforge itself was destroyed at this time although it’s exact current state is unknown.



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