Valasaar Moonscale

Dragonborn Sword Priest of Bahamut


Valasaar was a foundling, one of the many deserted or orphaned children brought up by the Church of Bahamut in Overlook to the West of Elsir Vale. His discovery was unusual; A group of Orc raiders were tracked down by a patrol of clerics from the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. This Patrol was led by Aurin Goomrin, Sword Priest of Bahamut, and he discovered a Dragonborn hatchling wrapped in a cloak bearing a ragged symbol; the head of a platinum dragon upon a purple field. Having an infant son at home, and because of the good omen, Aurin took Valasaar home and brought him up as his own son. The only thing the infant Valasaar could remember was his first name.

Aurin’s son; Auric was son roughly the same age as Valasaar. The two boys were very competitive and constantly strived to get the approval and attention of their father. They both took to the holy training in the Monastery very quickly, soon rising through the ranks and Valasaar and Auric served the Temple well as warrior Clerics. Aurin, Valasaar’s adopted father, has risen to the rank of Guardian of the monastery, and his son’s were his most trusted and talented Clerics.

Almost ten years ago a cult of Tiamat swept through the land north of Elsir Vale and infected many of the common people as well as the nobility. A civil war erupted and the Sword Priests of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain were asked for aid from those loyal to the King. Auric and Valasaar were sent with a small contingency force of Clerics to aid the loyal militia forces in their fight against the usurpers. They both fought side by side as Captains of the Kings army, in the holy crusade against the cult and enjoyed a close bond as battle brothers, all childhood rivalries were long forgotten.

In the final battle against the cult, Auric was surrounded by a group of cultists of Tiamat. Valasaar saw this and entering a Dragonborn frenzy, flew into the fray against his brothers assailants in an attempt to reach him. He was too late, Auric fell to a flurry of blows. The Dragonborn struck them with furious might and lay about him with his mace. He killed six of them and carried his brother’s body from the field. The battle, however, was won and the rebellion halted but Valasaar had lost his brother, killed by the enemies of his god. Something he would never forget.

Valasaar and the victorious Clerics returned to the Temple-Fortress to cheers and much rejoicing. Valasaar went to his Father and informed him of the grim news. Aurin flew into a rage, stricken with grief, he blamed Valasaar for Auric’s death, and said it should have been Valasaar lying in a shroud instead of his own blood son. The Dragonborn left immediately and headed East across the Mountains, knowing he would have to prove himself and suffer penance for allowing his brother to die on the field of battle. One day he hopes to return to his Father as a hero and paragon of Good, hoping that Aurin will embrace and forgive him.

For almost a decade Valasaar wandered the Elsir Vale and beyond searching for a way to prove himself worthy in his Father’s eyes. He had almost given up hope when a group of Hobgoblins attacked Brindol and he and some fellow adventurers had to find their lair in order to rescue a number of missing towns folk. He and his companions; Corren and Baron, then ventured to Overlook, close to his home to defend it from an attack from the Orcs over the mountains. Valasaar volunteered to ensure the tunnels beneath the monastery were secure and to bolster the forces there. When they reached the Monastery they found all the priests dead at the hands of the Orc invaders, including Aurin, Valasaar’s Father. His dying words were: “You were not here to protect us Valasaar…”

Devastated by this turn of events and at the last words of his adopted father, Valasaar swore to defend the Monastery and restore it to its former glory. The threat to Overlook, the Elsir Vale and the lands beyond was not yet vanquished and The Dawnriders were employed by the Elsir Consortium to combat the forces of Sarshan.

Once Sarshan and his forces had been neutralised Valsaar turned his attention to discovering his true Dragonborn heritage. He showed the only link he had, the ragged cloak he was found in, to Marcus Brandale his friend, companion and Academy Master of the Sayre Academy. The cloak bore a stylised symbol of Bahamut upon a Purple field. Marcus referref to many tomes and his own extensive knowledge and came to the following conclusion:

“Valasaar, I want you to understand that I cannot be certain about what I am about to tell you. Although I have studied a little of the history of Arkhosia, it was never a major area of Interest and, unfortunately the library in Overlook, while strong on matters Dwarven, is a little light on material pertaining to the Dragonborn empire. With that caveat in mind, I believe the symbol may be that of the Moonscale clan. Stop me if this story is already known to you, but the Moonscale clan are descended from Surina Moonscale, the first general of Arkosia who, together with the Golden One, founded the empire and established the worship of Bahamut as the central faith of the Arkhosian people. Surina Moonscale was second only to the Golden One himself during the founding of the empire, and the Moonscale clan was one of the most highly regarded throughout the high Arkhosian period. I am uncertain what became of the clan during the fall of Arkosia, or even what remnants of the clan still exist, and where, but if I am correct then yours would appear to be a proud heritage.”

In order to learn more about the history of the Moonscale Clan, particularly in the local area Valasaar visited Sertanian in Brindol, Castellan of the Hall of Great Valor. He asked the aged veteran if he knew of any Moonscale clan in the local area.

“I’m afraid I only know stories of legendary Arkhosia. My specialty is, as you say, Brindol and more recent history such as the rise of the Red Hand. The little I know of Arkhosia suggests that it was present around the time that the Dwarves refer to as the Age of Chains. While this branch of the world was languishing in darkness beneath the dominion of giants and other vicious humanoids, Arkhosia flourished, though it’s empire never extended this far. One thing I can tell you from my knowledge of the local history is that Azarr Kul, the leader of the original Red Hand was a Dragonblood Hobgoblin. Very little information survives about the heroes that led the assault on his temple in the final days of the invasion but rumour has it that one of those in the party was a Dragonborn descended from the blood of Arkhosia. Hmm, the influence of the Dragons and Dragonborn on our little corner of the world is interesting for sure but I’m not sure how much I can tell you. Azarr Kul dominated goblin, hobgoblin, and related monstrous humanoid tribes of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains for several years during the Red Hands reign. Kul, a dragon-favored hobgoblin, built a Fane deep within the Wyrmsmoke mountains in reverence of his Dark Lady, Tiamat. This was not just an area of private worship for himself and his chosen, it was a location for the Dark Lady herself to use as a portal into this world!
“The heroes of yesteryear, resolved to face Kul on their own terms and
departed Brindol, headed for the Fane of Tiamat high up in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. We know they were successful, because the Red Hand stopped, but we do not know what happened of the heroes themselves as they never returned. The Fane is concealed high in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, though it’s exact location is unknown.”

Valasaar Moonscale

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